9 Elements to Blogging that you must know

Blog Comment

This may not seem like a major deal but website comments go a very long way to connect back to your website. Should you align yourself with some good high ranking blog that enables you to enter your signature as a blog link back to your website, then you are in business. As you become more of an expert on that blog, people will start to stick to those links right back to your website. Not just that, the search engines may also follow these links and you'll find a higher ranking on search engines. So every opportunity you get try to raise your blog comments.

List Building

A Weber appears to be the big honcho an email reacting services. I think they cost around $19 a month or something along those lines. But, an email record is very crucial to your site. There is nothing greater than getting an email list of readers who are interested in exactly what you need to offer. As soon as you become an authority in your area, your subscribers are interested in everything you need to say and also the supplies that you make to them.

Now, do not always put out something that cost them money you have to give them great free things too. The problem here is setting up an auto responder that has stuff. Again, you cannot just spew out junk; you normally have to provide something of value, like let's say a free e-book or any enlightening information that has to do with your site.


Pinging Servers actually promote your site; they create list of an assortment of blogs that have new material. Website search engines can offer fresh results very fast by polling only the newly-updated sites. WordPress actually includes a ping service for a default option. But, there are tons more that you can actually load into your WordPress blog and have it every time that your blog has been updated.

Social Bookmark Links

Social bookmarks are excellent services that offer bookmark sharing. The service is merely save the bookmark and shares that as a resource.

AdSense and ClickBank Advertising

Although when you first begin your site it's generally not a good idea to plaster a ton of advertisements all about it. Most readers get sick and tired of a tone of advertisements anyhow. However, you might want to at least look into Google AdSense as a way of getting compensated for allowing ads on your site as soon as your traffic starts to grow to perhaps 5000 users a day.

Now, click bank is something you could use on your present posts. So when you start up and write a post about something; let us say, electronic equipment. You may choose to decide on a particular electronic and then connect to your affiliate link which goes to ClickBank to ensure if a reader clicks on this to get more information and they buy a product you obtained some kind of commission.

Understand About Marketing

Anyone can put up a blog, but not everyone understands how to market it. This is crucial and this is the truth, you have to understand how to market your blog. There are a whole lot of things to understand and also a great deal of phrases that you hear on the Internet about search engine optimization, keyword marketing, article marketing, sentence rewording tool, lead generation and much more.

Each one these terms are pertinent to the growth of your blog and you need to understand something about them. Granted, lots of these items can be extremely overwhelming but you should have a fairly good grasp on each of these. Especially if you're going to be conducting the blog on your own.

Fix Broken Pages

Go through each and every one of your webpages to check for broken links. Broken links can definitely send a terrible signal to the search engines and that would be catastrophic. What you can do is look in the web hosting accounts.

These reports have pages that people have seen, search engine keywords used, related pages and also your error reporting; broken hyperlinks. This would be a great place to begin because occasionally, you can miss links easily. If you realize there is a page or something which is not working correctly you can always put in a refresh page to send them into a root directory or somewhere else that's not broken.


Don't forget about guarding your blog. Though we'd love to believe everybody on the World Wide Web is all about business and finding good content and enjoying your site. Unfortunately, that's not true and there are some critical head cases out there.

When we normally create our blog we concentrate so much on the look of it and its content along with the marketing, which we sometimes forget that spammers are out there looking to post hideous links. Ensure you've got a reputable spam filter that will capture the majority of the reply Post which is unsuitable to your blog.

In my very first week that my blog was up and running, a person tried to spam my site with a link which went into an inappropriate site. The comment was something like; this is a really wonderful website with a link for their inappropriate website. The best way to overcome this is to not allow answers to be automatically posted so that you can take a look at the article for appropriateness before approving.


Blacklist is another helpful tool to help control bad words on your replies. This is another area we need to perk up on and learn all about the word you do not want on your site. There are lots of services that already use a range of blacklist phrases and variants of foul words. You may get them from places like Google and Facebook and a number of other large organizations that manage this type of stuff on a regular basis. It would be a fantastic idea to learn from their expertise.