5 storytelling tips to connect with your audience

Emotional marketing is one of the main tools to humanize your brand and establish a solid bond with your audience. Today, we highlight how to use storytelling to generate engagement and emotional ties with your audience.

If you reflect on the political party you have voted for or the purchases you usually make, what has been the decisive factor? In addition to quality and price, in the big buying decisions or in the link with your favorite brands, the emotional factor and the weight of a good story are fundamental.

According to the data provided by The London School of Business, consumers retain 65 to 70 percent of the information shared through a story versus only 5 to 10 percent of the information transmitted through statistical data.

Thus, storytelling is about the art of telling a story using sensory language presented in such a way that you convey to listeners the ability to internalize, understand and create personal meaning.

If you still don't know how to get a good story to your target audience, take note of the following tips. And don't forget to share your target through the different social channels. The Social Media plan, rather than demonstrating the value of the products, connects them with original and creative stories and formats capable of connecting with the public.

5 keys to a good storytelling strategy

  • Authenticity: It is important that you stay true to your business vision, and a good way is to turn to real customer experiences. They can be very useful to highlight the products and services you offer, taking advantage of the power of user-generated content.
  • Language and format adapted to the public: Each generation or profile of the public has its favorite social networks, its most appropriate jargon and vocabulary or different iconic and cultural references that can be used to give voice to your story.
  • Characters and compelling script: For a good ad or marketing plan based on the potential of storytelling, depth is important, as well as a powerful aesthetic treatment. Animated or streaming video are two good alternatives.
  • Choose the best medium to tell your story: Perhaps a comic cartoon, cartoon drawings, a podcast or an online game can become the best ways to channel your story.
  • Capture the attention of the public from the first second: Using keywords and concise and attractive writing is essential to send your message effectively. Remember that in the culture in which we live, with such informative over saturation, the public's attention does not last too long.
Remember that a good story that includes your business is a relentless weapon. Pre-poll your target audience to find out why they buy certain products and use the information collected to build a narrative with which they can identify.