3 Tips to buy a cheaper new car

Do you want to get a new car but your savings are fair? With these tips you will get a new vehicle more economically and without losing quality.

Do you want to buy a new car, but do you have a tight budget? You are in the right place: we are going to give you three tips to buy cheap cars. To get a new vehicle cheaper than usual you will have to spend a little more time, but the result may be saving a few thousand euros; Something not negligible.

And is that buying a new car cheaper is possible whenever you put effort. You will have to ask a lot, do a good market study, and sometimes even have to reject an option. But if you want to save a few euros, the effort will be worth it.

Three tips to buy cheap cars

1. Check prices at several dealers

The well-known ad already said it: search, compare, and if you find something better ... Buy it. Well, that's what you're going to have to do if you want to get a cheap new car: visit concessions, compare prices, and choose the cheapest one of all.

The more dealers you visit, the better. Do not forget to go to dealerships that are outside your province; Remember that new technologies have opened a wide field in this aspect, and now you can ask for prices and even negotiate online, so you only have to go to the dealership if they really offer you an economical price for the car you want.

Visit several dealerships before buying a new car

And remember that the price they give you does not have to be the final one; Try to negotiate, because they usually have a margin that can help you achieve a lower price for your car.

Once you have made an interesting offer, do not forget to ask them to give it to you in writing, in order to be very clear if that amount includes all the expenses derived from the purchase of the car.

2. Find out what helps you buy cars

Do you already know which car you like? Have you finally decided which new model you want to buy? Well, do not forget to investigate the possible purchase aids that may exist at that time. In recent years, cars driven by alternative energies have been the ones that have received the most financial support for the purchase of a new car.

Hybrid and electric cars are also usually the most benefited by the purchase aids; For example, in 2019 it was thought to approve the VEA Plan (Alternative Energy Vehicles), which followed the trail of the previous Movalt and Movea plans, although it has finally been left in the air.

For its part, the Madrid City Council has announced that, within the framework of the Madrid 360 plan, it will approve purchase aids to renew the mobile park, although they have not yet explained anything about these aids: neither amount, nor dates, nor conditions ...

Anyway, the truth is that the aid to the purchase of cleaner cars are relatively frequent, so, if you want to get a cheaper new car, do not forget to investigate to see if you can benefit from them.

3. Do not despise km 0 cars

The km 0 car is a very popular solution among some customers who want to buy an interesting car for a cheaper price. They are units registered but have not moved from the concession. This is due to the fact that the dealers are obliged to reach a certain number of registrations, so sometimes they enroll some models even if they have not been sold.

Thus, the car automatically becomes a second-hand car, since it has already had an owner, with what that means in the price. But it is a matter of concepts, because with a mileage it is very low, its state is a new car. This means that whoever buys it is done with a new car, but for a lower price than the market.