10 Things to do in Medellin, Colombia

Medellin Colombia with 2,500,000 inhabitants is known as the city of eternal spring. It is the Colombian capital city of the department of Antioquia.

It is the second most populous city in the country and sits in the part known as Aburra Valley, on the central Andes mountain range.

During the 19th century, Medellin Colombia developed as a dynamic center of commerce, first exporting gold, and then merchandise from the industrialization of the city.

The city is recognized for its entrepreneurial spirit of the people, the wonderful landscapes, for its exceptional climate and also of course for the beauty of its women.

But, let's see what you can do if you visit this beautifulcity of Medellin, Colombia.

Botero Square

Located in the cultural center of Medellin, very close to the Berrio Park, the Antioquia Museum (which we will mention later) and the Palace of Culture, this Botero Park is located.

It is a sculpture park with an area of ​​7,500 square meters where you can see 23 works of art by Master Fernando Botero, name that bears the same park.

In this park concerts, exhibitions and conferences are held for local people, as well as tourists. It is a fantastic space to meet and enjoy the city and the people.

The Antioquia Museum

And since you enjoyed that beautiful Botero square, why not take advantage of the same day and go to the Antioquia Museum.

It was founded in 1881, and this space has been a place to promote contemporary art. It has permanent exhibitions such as the Fernando Botero Hall and the International Art Hall, as well as several film series.

In the Botero room you can find a large part of his works such as paintings and sculptures.

Four fundamental points that are lived in the museum are; Critical reading of history, territory, the impact on the city of Medellin Colombia and art as a social contribution.

A space that will tell you a lot about the city and see them a little about the culture and its people.

The Paisa People

At a height of 80 meters, is the representation of a typical Antioquia town of the early twentieth century. With a colonial architecture, it is an excellent place to enjoy the typical food of the region.

You can find souvenir crafts and appreciate the beauty that is presented to you with the views of the city, whether it be night or day.


A pass at the height of the city, what better way to know and see the city from the heights. You can do this in the metrocable.

It is a complement to the public transport system of the city of Medellin Colombia, which communicates and integrates some areas, which would not be very difficult to access.

A space that is in excellent condition and people strive to respect and make tourists live to the fullest.

With incredible panoramic views of the city, it is a must if you are a tourist.

Rio Sur Shopping Center

In the sector of the town, there is the Rio Sur shopping center, this is the place to go shopping, as well as a perfect evening, since it has a variety of restaurants.

But if you want more than that, on the top floor you can continue the party in one of the most visited clubs in Medellin, Colombia.

Flower Fair

If you have the possibility of going to the capital of Antioquia in August, it is better that you prepare for the Flower Fair.

It lasts for 10 days, this fair offers more than 140 cultural events, equine fair, orchestra festival, trova festival, souvenir festival and popular song and of course the silleteros parade, where you can appreciate a number of colors of the flower arrangements that the farmers carry behind.

Botanical Garden

This is a quiet walk where you can enjoy the diversity of the flora of the region and also visit the Orquedemorama, where this fascinating collection of orchids, ferns, bruises and anthuriums.

You can get a big surprise when visiting this beautiful place and enjoy a quiet day among nature.

Metropolitan Basilica Cathedral.

The city of Medellin Colombia has a lot of architectural value that would be impossible to mention in a single blog.

The chair is dark like many of the buildings of its time and style, however it has great things inside

The organ that is beautiful and with international quality, marble confessionals imported from Italy.

It is located in the heart of the city and is the largest in the city, it is essential to visit not only for what it imposes inside but for example every last Saturday of the month the San Alejo market is celebrated and you can get crafts and memories.

Restaurants in the region

Do not forget, of course, to visit the restaurants of the region such as El Cielo, which is a creative author cuisine based on Colombian cuisine.

This restaurant entered the list of the 50 best restaurants in Latin America.

It is located in the Rosa area of ​​the city, and is undoubtedly a place worth knowing for its cuisine and the tradition of the city.

Lleras Park

Stroll at night in Parque Lleras, located in the Zona Rosa, there you can find a variety of restaurants, cafes, bars and discos that range from the most traditional, going through reggaeton to electronic music.

Knowing the nightlife of Medellin Colombia is of course something you can not do.

There is much more to see and do in this beautiful country and city, but you can not stay alone with the desire, but with memories and photographs to share with your friends.