10 simple ideas to save money if you live in a city

Living in a city greatly increases our cost of living. Both services, such as food and leisure offers, are a great cost for our pockets. These 10 simple ideas are what you need to save money living in the city.

When you live in a city, all the daily tools or services become more expensive by the mere fact of living in a city. In addition, the leisure offer is much broader, which is very likely to spend more money, so knowing certain simple ideas to save money if you live in the city will be essential to not spend more than the account.

Therefore it is very important to be aware of what we spend, avoid falling into traps to buy things we do not need, and make the most of all the advantages that the city gives to save money. These are the 10 simple ideas to save money if you live in a city:

  • Do not get used to the food delivery service: Ordering food at home is becoming faster and easier, and even if it is cheap, you should put emphasis on having control of the money you spend on a the food map. Try not to become a routine but something special that you do on a given day.
  • Choose a flat or a room according to your salary: Living in the center of the city is a unique experience, but do not forget that you must adjust your budget to the salary you earn, and not spend it all in one house because you will also want to travel and do others stuff.
  • Cut the cables if necessary: ​​Do not pay at high rates either on television or the Internet if you really do not need it strictly, since these are accessory expenses that you can do without. Try to choose the cheapest option, for example Netflix or other series and movie viewing tools.
  • Move on public transport, by bike or on foot: Taking taxis or services from Uber or Cabify should also be timely, not routine, at least if you really want to save. With the new apps it is very simple and convenient to order private vehicles, so you should always try to leave your home in time to not need these services so often.
  • Find free leisure activities: get information on the Internet for free events. You can subscribe to the newsletter or search the main social networks, sure that every day you have a wide range of free entertainment, music festivals or plays.
  • Take a walk and discover things: In the cities you never have time to get bored, since just by going for a walk you can observe the activity that happens around you; You can look at people, stroll through the parks, and see the different street art performances among other things.
  • Be aware of discount offers: Restaurants and events usually always launch various offers over the Internet, so be aware of finding these offers as soon as possible.
  • Take your food to the office: Buying your food every day is an expense that will not allow you to save the way you want. Therefore if you make the effort to prepare your lunch you can count on much more money at the end of the month.
  • Prepare your own coffee: As with lunch, daily spending on coffee cups can increase your expenses considerably. So if you prepare your own coffee you will save every day and at the end of the month you will notice it.
  • Learn to say no: The leisure offer is so wide in a city that you must learn to say no to many plans that you propose if you want to save. Try to make choices at the beginning of the month about the plans you will make with your friends, and try not to leave the budget you decide to devote to leisure every month.