Tips for Traveling with Heat

Traveling with heat is unavoidable in these dates in which we are. We are going through the second wave of heat of the newly released summer these days and from what you see, it will be increasingly common for us to travel with a heat that is clearly excessive. That is why today we bring you a few tips to travel with heat and not die trying.

Travel with heat or despite heat

My favorite season of the year to travel is autumn. A time when the days are still more or less long and the cold has not yet arrived. But, let's face it, most of us have summer vacations so it is best to get ready with certain items that will make our lives easier. And, above all, be sensible.

- Always travel with a bottle of fresh water. Better yet, with a canteen that will be very ecological and now there are many beautiful models.

- Drink lots of fluids, avoiding sugary and alcohol. In the end what refreshes is the simplest. Infusions are also ideal as a means of hydration and do not add those silly calories that then there is no one to take one off.

- Eat lightly. If possible with little salt, which retains liquids and thirsts. The truth is that nature is wise since with extreme heat you feel like eating very little. In every gastronomy there are salads, fish dishes and fruits that we can consume when we travel away from home.

- Wear light colored and baggy clothes. Let's forget about tight pants, which give heat and create varicose veins. Much better to wear wide clothes, made of natural fabrics such as linen or cotton and, above all, that does not tighten.

- Wear a light and colorful scarf that encourages any wardrobe and that can protect our shoulders and neck, those parts of the body with an exaggerated tendency to scorch even doing urban tourism. In addition, we will be great if we travel to places of Muslim tradition, to cover ourselves in mosques; or in more conservative Christian temples in the uses.

- Use the air conditioner; It is true that it contaminates but sometimes there is no other choice. Of course, we must bear in mind that the ideal is to put it between 23 and 26 degrees. Less of that greatly increases the expense and does not compensate when cooling a stay.

- Have you seen Japanese women with umbrellas in summer with the bright sun? Well, it will seem silly, but that's how they have beautiful and translucent skin. Not only because of its great products of Japanese cosmetics, but because they flee from the sun. An umbrella or an umbrella can relieve us a lot by rejecting the direct rays of the king star.

- Use high protection factor creams even when going outside to run a message; even more so when traveling. It is no longer just a matter of the aging of the skin that is given by the sun's rays, but also the sun causes cancer, the skin has memory and we can now remember burns from a long time ago. So, nothing better than a good protection of 50 that will help us burn less and we will also take a good skin tone.

- And speaking of creams, have you ever noticed the thin film of grease that is seen in the sea sometimes when we go to the beach ?. Well, even if it seems a lie, much of that fat comes from the sun creams we use. We are increasingly aware that we are carrying the seas, source of life, based on a thousand and one inventions of man. So, if we can do something, even when choosing our bronzers (without oxybenzone or octionoxates), it will be fine. Ah! And much better the texture in cream than in spray.