This is the first “tattooed” Harley-Davidson in the world

If you thought you had seen everything in the motor world, we showed you a most peculiar motorcycle: this is the first tattooed Harley-Davidson that exists in the world.

The truth is that the ability to surprise the most creative people sometimes has no limits. This tattooed Harley-Davidson is a great example of that. Without a doubt, Harley-Davidson is often an icon of the irreverent, of rebellion, of being different, creating a sub-culture of people who see the world under the bubble of Harley's engine. The boys of Game Over Cycles have decided to take this role to its maximum level.

How have they done it? With something that represents very well that spirit of rebellion and cutlery. With tattoos The Harley-Davidson the Recidivist is the name of the project and the sure result that will leave Harley fans and tattoos open to the mouth. This project has been based on the Harley-Davidson Softail and its outer body has been covered with a thin layer of cowhide treated to mimic the appearance of human skin.

The gas tank, the chair, the tires, the rear tail. Until the lighthouse! Everything has been covered with that material. Once this is done, the turn has come for the team of tattooists, who as if it were the arm of one of Harley's fans, have been drawing different motifs and subliminal messages throughout the motorcycle.

Undoubtedly, the effect cannot finally be more wild and wild. It works, although it may seem a lie, it works really well. The look is sinister and it will surely drive lovers of the world of tattoos crazy. Undoubtedly, this Harley-Davidson tattooed by the Polish team of Game Over Cycles will cause an earthquake among specialists in customizing motorcycles.

And the possibilities of this idea are almost endless. Can you imagine being able to share your most intimate tattoos with the bike of your dreams? It seems that this type of creations can be extrapolated to virtually any other creation, so it would not be surprising if we saw other examples in the future. Although of course, in a Harley feels much better...