These Nike Huarache are tied alone through Siri

For years, Nike has been trying to make sports shoes that were tied to the movie Back to the Future a reality. Although he did it long ago, he has perfected it with Nike Adapt Huarache, the shoes that are tied with voice commands using Siri.

With Nike Adapt Huarache you can tell your iPhone or Apple Watch, orders such as “Siri, tie my shoes” or “Siri, untie my Nike”, and the sports shoes will tie or unleash themselves.

This is possible thanks to a small engine located inside the shoes that was already available in the previous version, but which has now been improved so that it can be activated with voice commands from the Adapt app, through Apple's virtual assistant Siri The app is available for both the iPhone and Apple Watch:

The app also serves to change the color and pattern of movement of the two LED lights located at the base of the shoes. They can be seen in the center of the previous photo.

Nike launched the first sports that are tied alone, the HyperAdapt, in 2016, shortly after the futuristic date that recreated Back to the Future II, shot in 1989, at a price of $ 720. He perfected them a few months ago, improving the FitAdapt fastening system so that in addition to tightening the cord, it fits better to the foot. It also lowered the price a little, to 400 euros.

Now he has launched a new model called Nike Adapt Huarache, which as we have said can be controlled with the voice. This time it has not revealed prices, but we will not have to wait long to know because they will go on sale on September 13.

Strangely (or not, depending on how you look at it), they are only compatible with Apple's Siri virtual assistant, but not with Android. Hopefully they also add support for other attendees, because although the iPhone is the majority mobile in the United States, it is not in most countries.

Nike also surprised us a few months ago with an explosive poncho that unfolds in seconds when it starts to rain.