The wheels of this suitcase can charge the battery of all your devices

If you are afraid of running out of battery in your mobile or other device while you are traveling, with this suitcase you have nothing to fear, because it takes advantage of the energy produced by its wheels when turning to charge the battery.

When we travel, we usually do it charged with all our electronic devices in tow. Smartphone apart, we usually come with us the eReader to read, the tablet to watch movies and series, the laptop to work if we are on a work trip, the smart watch or the quantifying bracelet to monitor physical activity ... All these devices need electricity to charge your battery, and being in unknown territory we do not know if we will have access to a plug when we need it.

With the Rollogo Escape S suitcase you will no longer have to worry about battery issues. And it is that not only has a powerbank integrated, like other suitcases available in the market, but it also guarantees that it will always have a load because its wheels produce electricity.

Rollogo Escape S has measures of 23 x 36 x 56 cm and offers you a capacity of 35 liters to store your hand luggage. It has an integrated lithium polymer battery that has a capacity of 8,000 mAh. It has two USB ports to charge all kinds of devices.

Its four wheels are connected to two generators that keep the powerbank charged, and according to its designers just moving with the suitcase for ten minutes you get energy for 1.2 hours of conversation. In addition, it is also possible to remove the battery and connect it to the power to charge it.

And that's not all. The battery integrated in the suitcase also has a Bluetooth module that allows it to synchronize with its owner's mobile. Thanks to this, the user can check the load level of the powerbank through an app.

The creators of Rollogo Escape S have launched a campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds to launch this suitcase. If you wish, you can contribute 361 euros to get a unit for you.