So You Can Learn To Program For Free In Python Thanks To Microsoft

Learning to program helps bring to life both the programs we use every day and any other type of solutions. Do you want to learn how to program for free in Python? Microsoft gives you these resources.

We have already told you that there are many different programming languages, and one of them is Python, which Microsoft wants us to learn for free.

When we consider learning to program, we can go for one of the programming languages ​​with more future, among which is Python, but also to others who do not have so much present, but who are `` fun '' due to the complicated that They are.

Python, as we say, is one of the most attractive programming languages. It has positioned itself as one of the most popular languages ​​among all developers, currently in third place after Java and C, something that could change in a very short time.

The reason is because it is being driven by strong growth in software engineering, coupled with the ability to use this language compared to those mentioned above.

The Microsoft course on Python is completely free, but you have to be careful, and it is not a course that points to those who have not touched code in your life, since it assumes that the user has played with javaScript. It is focused on Python 3x, but it is also valid for users who want to learn the basics of Python 2x.

The interesting thing is that it is a most visual course, since it is 44 videos published on YouTube that allow us to see what the different teachers are doing in a very didactic way and, in addition, there are a lot of libraries and other resources on GitHub you can access through this link.

If you want to watch the videos to learn how to program in Python for free, we leave you the channel below:

Now, it only remains that, if you already know some programming in JavaScript, you put the batteries with this language for which Microsoft is betting very hard.