How to extract text from a screenshot in Google Photos

One of the new features that have been added to the latest version of Google Photos is the ability to read the text of the photos and screenshots. We explain how to do it with a couple of simple steps.

Thanks to OCR technology, used to extract the text of documents after scanning them, books normally, finally it has the function to extract a screenshot in Google Photos, something that can be especially useful.

The possibility of reading offered is very simple and effective. Be it to photograph a text, a signal, recommendations, the password of the WiFi of a hotel or any other option you want, you can do it with a simple button.

We will show how to do it with a photograph taken directly from the computer screen and without much quality. It will be from the news about our new Telegram channel. We enter Google Photos and select the photo.

By clicking on the lower icon to the left of the bin, Google Photos analyzes the photo, selects the text boxes and extracts information from it, as can be seen in the second screenshot.

We will select one of the paragraphs, the second in any case, and we give Copy the text. As you can see, when you paste in the body of an email, the text appears perfectly. Read each end of the line as if it were a paragraph break, but it is the only fault that can be taken.

As you can see, it is very easy to get text from an image with Google Photos and use it in another application. They may have taken too long to implement this function, but at least it is simple and effective.