Four Categories of Web Designers and How Should You Choose Them?

Your business relies on your website solely. You can’t trust any amateur or even a small agency to create your website. You need to be conscious of who you held over your project because your decision matters. If your project doesn’t go into the hand of professional developers, then your business website can be ruined.

There are four categories of website developers; freelance amateur, freelance professional, small web design company and a web development firm. So, the group you choose depends on your requirements as each of them have their pros and cons.

So, let’s study them briefly.

Freelance Amateur

You’ll find them on LinkedIn and other social media platforms bragging about their small freelance projects. They use the available template and act like they have given their heart and soul in creating the website. 

The pros of hiring these professionals are only one and that is they are affordable while cons are many. They have limited knowledge in the sphere, they can’t create a customized user experience and they have a limited strategy to create your website.

Professional Freelancers

The term ‘Professional’ means the developers who will always deliver projects on time and won’t keep you waiting. If you dig the freelancing sites, you’d see a range of professional freelancers who are ready to work for you anytime.

The pros of hiring a professional freelancer are that they can deliver your project in a short time. They are affordable and they are committed to your job since there’s a professional medium between you both. And the cons are that they will have their own way of working and they can sometimes be pissed off from the revision requests. Some of them have a specific skill set and they don’t think to scale it. If you meet highly professional freelancers, then you will have to afford their demands as they quote around $100/hour. 

If the professional developer is quoting such a high price, then it’s better to consider a professional web design agency. They would be more reliable than freelancers.

Web Design Agency

This comes third in the list. Web design agencies offer a diversified portfolio as they have a team of experts working with them. They are also knowledgeable and love to pool in their ideas to make the project successful.

The perks of hiring web design agencies are that they won’t fraud you during the process as their reputation is also at stake. They are a little bit expensive, but they’ll provide you with everything you want. For example, if you need a web design Miami, then they will follow the Miami trend to create a website for your business. The only con is that they can be a bit expensive.

Web Development Firm 

The web development firm is beyond everything. They have a list of happy customers and they will never disappoint you with the quality. Apart from them, they have a team of professionals who are not only knowledgeable but also provide guidance if required.

Some web development firms also give marketing services to their clients. They know the ebb and flow of development and keep client requirements in mind when creating their projects. They’ll also be careful about the SEO factors and will thoroughly optimize your site considering the current SEO trends and Google Algorithm updates. 

The only con is that they are too expensive. If you yourself have a small company, then it's impossible to afford them. That’s why only the big names acquire the services of web development firms. Since they have their processes so they can also take time in creating your business website. But they’ll surely impress you with the work.

In summary, these four categories of web designer depend totally on your requirements and budget. If you want a small website or a blogging website, then the amateur or freelance professional can work in that case.

If you’re a mid-size business, then a small web design agency will suit your needs and give you an edge when it comes to money. But if you can afford a professional web development firm then the deal is great.

So, study your requirements and choose wisely. If your website is important don’t riskit in the hands of amateurs or unprofessional.