Chinese scientists design a gel that regenerates tooth enamel in 48 hours

A team of Asian Researchers have managed to regenerate tooth enamel in mice in just two days, with a previous step to also test it in humans.

Our body is not perfect, and less in the teeth. In fact, tooth enamel does not grow back once it breaks or wears out, which is why dentists resort to covering the gaps with artificial fillings.

Now researchers from Zhejiang University of China and the Jiujiang Research Institute have managed to develop a gel that helps regenerate the enamel of the teeth of mice in just 48 hours.
While scientists have previously developed vaccines and have even used stem cells to deceive teeth and make enamel regenerate again, they have not been able to function properly in humans. Now this new gel has not only been tested on live mice, but also on previously extracted human teeth.

The problem with the enamel generated by this gel is that it is very fine compared to natural enamel. In this way the use of this gel is a good start, but insufficient with what would still be necessary the intervention of a dentist with artificial enamels.

Thus, the team of scientists does not lose hope, and will begin testing its gel in humans, to see if it resists day to day.