Apps and websites to keep your finances in order: savings, expenses and more

Saving money is not a simple task: you will have to prepare a monthly budget, keep a record of your expenses and income and add to all this a great willpower. Fortunately, there are many apps and websites for finance that will help you.

There are different types of financial personalities, and obviously more saving people than others. If you are terrified of opening your bank account, and in the middle of every month you find yourself in a hurry praying that the day 30 will arrive for you to get your salary, you are probably part of the second group.

However, not being a born saver does not mean that you are doomed to waste your money a lifetime.

It is true that saving money is not a simple task. It involves preparing a monthly budget and, most complicated of all, complying with it. To this you must add a record of all the expenses you make so that the budget is as realistic as possible and you know where your money goes.

You also need some willpower to adopt skills that help you save money; Although there are surprisingly easy strategies, all will require a minimum of effort.

However, today you do not have to do all these efforts alone. Fortunately today there are endless apps and websites to help us manage our finances. Why complicate your life being able to rely on technology?

In Technosclub we have compiled some of the best apps and websites to save money; With them you can manage your expenses, prepare budgets, automate savings and make sure you are not throwing money.

Apps to prepare your monthly budget and meet it

Sitting down to organize your money every month will be much easier with these applications:

  • Mint: Possibly one of the most popular finance apps. Collect all your finances in one place. It also automatically records all your expenses and notifies you if you are about to exceed your monthly budget. All this is completed with tips to save within the app. Is free.
  • Fintonic: This is another very good app to control your economic situation. You have to link it with your bank account and it will automatically enter all expenses and income.
  • Tiller: This fantastic tool works with Google Sheets. You can prepare your own spreadsheet to prepare a budget, and then use Tiller to associate your accounts with the spreadsheet and it will automatically add all the information, avoiding you having to do it manually.
  • You need a budget: This app will help you prepare your monthly budget based on 4 values: each euro has a function, that is, nothing can be left out of a category; you have to have large unexpected expenses; Learn to deal with difficulties and live with the income of the previous month. It costs around 5 euros per month but the first 34 days are free; you can try it and if it doesn't convince you to leave it.
  • Clarity Money: This app is interesting because it not only allows you to create a budget, it will also help you save. Analyze your expenses and suggests how to reduce your invoices, either eliminating them, changing servers or negotiating.
  • Good Budget: Have you ever heard of the envelope method to save? Basically it consists of putting the money allocated to each category in an envelope (for example, supermarket, dining out and gasoline); When the envelope is emptied, the money is over. Good Budget has transferred this concept to an app so you don't have to carry physical envelopes everywhere.

Apps to save

Most of the apps mentioned in the previous section will also help you save, but there are also others dedicated exclusively to this purpose:

  • Digit: If you are not sure how much money you should save this app will do it for you. Digit analyzes your income and financial habits and transfers small amounts of money to a savings account. You can also configure it to decide what limits you want to set and set goals.
  • Qapital: Another very attractive application if you want to save. You set your financial goals and Qapital automates the savings and does all the work for you. It can detect when you have money left over from your budget or when you save by buying something on sale and transferring it directly.
  • Trim: You could not miss Trim in the list: another essential app to save. It not only automates your savings, but also reviews your subscriptions and tells you which ones you are not using and helps you negotiate your bills.

Apps to keep track of your expenses

If you are the typical one who always loses the receipts and has a hard time keeping track of everything he spends, you need one of these apps:

  • Money Lover: The most interesting thing about this application is that you can scan all receipts and organize them within the app. You can also create a section for debts and loans. Thus, it has the travel mode, which allows you to control your holiday expenses in another separate section and taking into account the currency exchange.
  • Expensify: This is another useful app to scan receipts and even request re-entries for the expenses you have made in charge of your company, for example.
  • Wave Receipts: It is similar to Expensify; You can take pictures of all your receipts and verify the information that will be saved in your Wave Receipts cloud account.

Other apps to manage your money

  • Tricount: Are you going on a trip with friends? Sharing expenses has never been easier. Each person can pay things and keep the different expenses in the app; Then he will make the balance to tell you how much money each person owes and to whom.
  • Pact: If you can't gather enough willpower to meet your financial goals, download Pact; You can set all kinds of goals, and if you don't meet them you will lose money.