A study warns that Facebook harms your physical and mental health

Do you want to stay healthy? Then maybe you should consider reducing the hours you dedicate to Facebook: a study reveals that the social network could destroy your physical and mental health.

Facebook is negative for both your body and your mind and emotions. This follows from an investigation that has been carried out by a team from the University of California San Diego and Yale University, which produces disturbing results for those who use social networks. And, according to the study, the use of Facebook decreases the physical and mental health of people.

The research is the result of a two-year work by Holly Sakya, an assistant professor at the University of California San Diego, and Nicholas Christakis, a Yale professor. For two years, these experts directly monitored the daily Facebook activity of 5,208 adults, periodically assessed their emotional well-being and also measured their body mass index (BMI) three times.

"In general, our results showed that while real-world social networks were associated with general well-being, the use of Facebook was negatively associated with general well-being," the researchers said in an article. “These results were particularly strong for mental health; most of the measures of using Facebook in one year predicted a decrease in mental health a year later. ”

But, what is the problem that makes Facebook harmful to the mental health of users? According to other research, what happens is that the social network creates an unreal environment in which it seems that life has to be a series of happy and wonderful events. This makes users feel that their existence is less happy and interesting than that of others, which causes emotional distress.

In fact, there are several studies that suggest leaving the social network will make you feel much better. One of the most recent, conducted by researchers at Stanford University and the University of New York, says closing your Facebook account will make you happier. Therefore, if you are a user of this social network and sometimes it makes you feel bad, you should try to reduce the hours you dedicate to see if your mood improves.