Netflix breaks records by selling its DVD number 5,000 million

A new milestone in the sending of DVDs by Netflix has just been achieved, since the famous streaming company has reached 5,000 million of these discs delivered to its customers.

Although right now the name of Netflix sounds like a movie and series broadcast service, it hasn't always been that way. Netflix has managed to become the most popular video streaming platform in the world thanks to the fact that they previously dominated the delivery of DVD movies.

In fact, during the last hours Netflix has announced that they have just delivered the DVD number 5,000 million to their customers, a milestone that has taken no less than 21 years.

If you are curious, the number 5 billion shipment has been from the Rocketman movie on DVD, but it is a movie delivery service that started in 1998.

While Netflix had 14 million subscribers in sending DVDs in 2011, it currently only retains 2.4 million. Even so, Netflix has 151 million subscribers of its streaming platform worldwide, a record figure in which they dominate the market.

Currently, the DVD delivery business represents an economic amount of 46 million quarterly earnings on Netflix, very little money compared to everything they earn through their video streaming service.

While Netflix has never been very popular in Spain when it comes to DVDs, it has been in the United States, which is where most of these loyal customers retain.