Instagram mistakenly categorizes fish photographs as offensive content

A new proof of Instagram errors categorizing content happened last week, when British fishmonger Rex Goldsmith received two alerts of inappropriate or offensive posts.

Instagram censored twice in two weeks photographs of fish by a small British business, adding another example to the current inability of social networks to effectively monitor their content.

Rex Gldsmith, who has 2,600 followers on Instagram, revealed that he uses the social network to upload photographs and videos of fish and shellfish and thus receive direct messages or phone calls from customers who book them.

After censoring two pieces of content, a spokesman for Facebook, the parent company of Instagram, apologized for the error in a statement and noted that "Goldsmith's content was marked as error-sensitive and has now been restored."

“I totally understand censorship, but when you think Instagram is owned by Facebook, and if you watch some of the videos on Facebook, they are disgusting, some are violent, others have rude language, it seems a bit strange to me, so I can think a little Cod fillet is offensive, ”Goldsmith told the BBC.

Although the fishmonger claimed to suspect that activists were behind the report, the Vegan Society organization told the Daily Telegraph that although vegan people find the images of dead animals offensive, they are not likely to follow the Instagram account of a fishmonger with 2,000 followers.