9 Creative Tricks to Save Space in your Fridge or Freezer

If you want to save space in your fridge or freezer, do not miss the following recommendations to double or triple the place available inside these appliances, especially if they are small or share them with more people.

Recently we told you that if you change places different foods in your fridge you could save on the electricity bill and extend the life of the products, we gave you a series of food safety errors to never commit in the kitchen or we highlighted a list of foods that you should always put in the fridge, as well as another one of those ingredients that should always remain out of it.

Today we will tell you how to keep your fridge (or your freezer) cleaner, more organized and nicer than ever, doubling or tripling the space available to store food thanks to various creative and organizational tricks. If you are tired of expired food, messy shelves, scrambled fruits and vegetables or containers placed chaotically, it's time to get down to work with the order of your fridge. Let's go there!

1. Use clear film or aluminum foil on all shelves to simplify the cleaning process (and replace it regularly)

2. Use an egg cup to store sauces and condiments on the refrigerator door
  • In this way, you will not have to look for the location of the ketchup again, you will avoid stains and take advantage of every last drop of the containers.

3. Place food that is about to expire in a box to “eat first

4. Use the internal sides of the refrigerator to store snacks
  • To do this, you can use the typical baskets and bags with a windy effect to store objects in the shower.

5. Use complementary drawers for specific foods

6. Store the pyramid-shaped bottles and cans
  • So that they do not fall you can use removable clips and change their size.

7. Use plastic drawers to organize different foods
  • It is important that they are transparent to see what is inside and when to consume them

8. Freeze vacuum packed food and label bags with names and dates

9. Make a list of the remaining and missing products
  • If you dare, you can even write it out of the fridge, and go down the changes

Other tips are to have a magnetic bottle opener at the refrigerator door, have magnetic containers for spices or sort fruits and vegetables by types and colors. Have you thought about how your renewed fridge will look?