10 books to reset and increase your creativity

Literature is a bottomless pit in which to give your creativity a drink and find new resources, innovative ideas and methods to carry out original projects and disruptive solutions. Today, we recommend a dozen books that you cannot miss.

Stimulating your creativity and giving wings to your imagination can be done through multiple methods: from extracting ideas from your dreams to drawing scribbles, making mind maps or practicing role-playing.

One of the best ways to be more creative is through reading, an inexhaustible source of knowledge that puts at your disposal the experience of geniuses and founders of ambitious projects, the instruments to achieve better ideas and end your creative block or stories that brought to mind the illustrious characters and figures that changed the world.

In the following list you can find several fundamental books to have new ideas and stimulate the potential of your creativity.

10 books to be more creative and get new ideas

  • Creativity: 62 exercises to develop the mind: To refute all those who have believed the myth that creativity is an innate gift and an amazing capacity reserved for a handful of lucky people, this work is a fundamental guide for promote lateral thinking and the generation of ideas with the Edward de Bono method, declared mandatory in the educational system of several countries and implemented in schools in Canada, the United States, China and Russia. Do you dare to try any of its 62 practical games?
  • Learning to see with creativity (Bryan Peterson): In this work of powerful visual focus, veteran photographer Bryan Peterson proposes a new approach to understand creativity as a quality that can be developed and learned. If you are interested in graphic arts, photography or cinema, in this book you can learn to improve in the creative section, correcting frequent mistakes and knowing the basic elements of image.
  • Increase your mental power (Philip Carter and Ben Russell): The exercises proposed in this book are great for exercising your brain and increasing your mental power through numerous puzzles, tests and exercises that cover various areas such as creative thinking, logical thinking , memory, mental agility and intelligence.
  • The secrets of creativity geniuses (Michael Michalko): If you want to find inspirational models, this author has analyzed more than a hundred great thinkers, from Leonardo da Vinci to Walt Disney, Pablo Picasso, Thomas Edison or Charles Darwin. It is a key work to learn to find innovative solutions and develop creative ideas based on revolutionary methods that will be useful to you whether you are an education professional, novelist, programmer, company manager, freelance, etc ...
  • Practical creativity (Henry Tod): Under the maxim “generate spaces to have ideas in less time”, this work of incalculable value for anyone who develops an intellectual work will help you find better ideas and work faster and without stress. It contains numerous examples of value and will help you to introduce spaces for creative processes into your routine.
  • Creativity and problem solving (Brian Tracy): This concise book reveals 21 techniques that you can carry out in a simple way to immediately start generating a brainstorm of productive ideas. With exercises that stimulate the mind and realistic strategies, this book helps anyone take advantage of their own intuitive genius, understand the mechanisms of the mind and execute lateral thinking.
  • 101 methods to generate ideas: how to stimulate creativity (Timothy Foster): If you want numerous practical examples to help you be more creative in your personal and professional life, all the methods taught in this book are authentic, based on real experiences and They have worked many times and in many different situations.
  • The Idea Factory !: Creativity and strategy in a diverse world (Juan Daniel Correa Salazar): An extremely original proposal to unravel the gears of creativity and apply it to your projects. A very interesting aspect of this book is that each of its chapters can be approached independently and randomly, as is the case with conceptual discs or with iPod playlists. As the description reads, "you can activate or deactivate the random play mode as you wish."
  • You write this book: 78 creative writing challenges (Carlos GarcĂ­a Miranda): If you like creative writing challenges, this is your book-book. Take pencil, rubber and colored pens and throw yourself to develop your creativity through fun and stimulating exercises in which you can invent your own characters, create impossible dialogues, reinterpret the classic stories or train your language and create your own neologisms.
  • Gamestorming: 83 games for innovators, non-conformists and change generators (Dave Gray, Sunni Brown and James Macanufo): The best proposal to activate participation and creativity in the company. This book presents 83 games, which can be played individually or as a group, suitable for articulating ideas, communicating better and generating new approaches and strategies, as well as resolving conflicts, promoting understanding, making meetings more productive or detecting the roots of problems.