Webs and Apps with Relaxing Sound to work

The relaxing sounds exert a very positive influence both for rest and meditation and for working without experiencing stress and with greater awareness. We show you some web pages that can help you in your task.

Relaxing songs are a great help to sleep better, while white noise makes millions of people work and rest better across the planet. In addition to invoking the magic and rhythms of nature, soothing sounds block outside conversations and other distractions, avoid total silence, turn off the wandering of the mind or allow you to customize the listening experience, improving concentration. It has even been discovered that relaxing music has the same effect as a benzodiazepine for preoperative anxiety.

There are several investigations that support the creative benefits of listening to environmental noise. For example, a 2012 study that came to light in the Journal of Consumer Research found that "a moderate level of background noise increases creativity." One of the conclusions is that the volume should be soft, loud enough to hide the distracting sounds around you, but low enough that it does not interfere with your mental processes.

The best websites to create and listen to ambient sounds

  • Hipstersound: It has both premium and free version. Thanks to this online tool you can recreate relaxing atmospheres like a piano bar, falling snow, the crackling of fire, a Parisian cafe or a roof in the rain. Comforting auditory simulation whose volume you can adjust.
  • Noisli: If you are looking to create a combination with sounds from nature, Noisli is a web of exquisite minimalist design that will delight you. You can choose between productivity or relax, and click on icons such as trees, leaves, clouds, wind, night or fire. No registration required.
  • A Soft Murmur: In the style of the previous one. If you access this platform you will discover even different ambient sounds that you can combine as you wish, as well as adjust its volume. It is comfortable, effective and extremely simple.
  • Simply Noise: It has versions in app format for both iOS and Android. This white noise generator allows you to rest, concentrate, study and work better, relieve your headaches or win the game of insomnia. You will run into noises of three colors whose intensity is adjustable.
  • Rainyscope: This is an environmental noise website that uses only the natural sounds of rain and birds to create background noise without distractions. You can choose between the mild rain of spring, the cold of autumn and winter to the summer storm. The Canicule mode is sunny and allows you to hear only the song of the birds.
  • My Noise: You can configure dozens of sounds according to the feeling you are looking for and the atmosphere you are after. Synthetic, industrial, natural or urban environments to float to another place, focus on your tasks and generate your ideal sound.
  • Ambient Mixer: The perfect storm, halls set in Harry Potter, Scottish rain, a forest in summer, a relaxing Christmas bonfire, a snowy town ... The amount of relaxing background sounds that you can find on this website is almost endless.
  • Forest Mood: If you're looking for simplicity, it's your platform. You have sounds of rain, forest and coffee. An ideal solution to not think too much.