Very Soon You Can Use Your Mobile as a Driving License

It is already official. The DGT has announced the digital driving license in US. We can take the driving license on the mobile, and use it to identify ourselves legally. So at last it will be possible to leave the physical driving license at home, and show the mobile when the Civil Guard or other police force asks us to identify ourselves.

The announcement has come through the DGT Magazine of the month of July, which you can read in digital format. In it, the General Directorate of Traffic announces the premiere of the miDGT app, which is currently under development.

This app will allow us to access our traffic-related data, receive notices and news of interest and carry out the main procedures with the DGT. But the most important information is that: "In addition, you can take your driving license and the documentation of your vehicles in digital format with full validity."

Gradually, all paper documents begin to be replaced by the digital version. First was the money, with services such as PayPal or credit cards on mobile, thanks to the NFC connection of smartphones.

The next step is the identification documents. We can already do many procedures online with the electronic ID, although it is not yet possible to carry it on the mobile phone or use the smartphone as an ID.

When the DGT releases the miDGT app and the digital driver's license, we will get a double benefit. When using the smartphone as a driving license we can leave the paper card at home ... but also the ID, since in many places they accept the driving license as a substitute for the ID.

Of course, it remains to be seen how this digital driving license will work. If it is enough to show it on the mobile screen, or your unique password must be read by an NFC reader, as is the case with the digital credit cards that we now carry on the smartphone. That would limit the places where we can use it as identification.

The DGT has not set a date for the launch of the miDGT app, although if it has already been announced it should be available this year, or at the beginning of the next. What is already underway is the new digital headquarters of the DGT, which allows you to check your data and manage your driving license.