Tricks to protect your bags when you're traveling

Until our suitcase appears for the baggage claim, we are not calm. Sometimes, it seems that leaving luggage in the hands of the airline and its operators is a matter of faith. Will we see her again? Is it sufficiently protected? These are complicated answer questions.

We can doubt even more when when we enter the airport we are assaulted by workers in the posts to plasticize the bags. Is it worth doing? It may seem that a suitcase wrapped in this way is more complicated to steal, but it may be enough with a simple padlock.

In short, we want to protect our bags in any way so that nobody steals or puts anything inside them. And to avoid it there are different methods.

Laminating the suitcase seems the best way to isolate it from the hands of others. This way we make sure that nobody is going to access inside. We do not know if you can get lost along the way, but it becomes difficult for someone to bother breaking all the plastics.

We are exposed to three problems when plasticizing the suitcase:
  • A price perhaps excessive given the possibilities of something happening to us.
  • Plasticized suitcases are worse treated because it is understood that they withstand better blows.
  • The ecological cost is high for the amount of plastic used.

A simpler option is to put padlocks on all zippers. With a simple padlock, if it may not be flashy, most problems will be avoided. Perhaps it is even better that it be numbering and not a key because of how easy it is to open some of the cheapest ones. Of course, keep in mind that all the zippers are in perfect condition and without ripping, or else it will be useless.

Finally, nothing like stickers so that the suitcase is treated more carefully. Being the suitcase with a sticker does not have to mean getting the attention of thieves and people with bad intentions, who usually prefer more bland and discreet suitcases.

In any case, we already know that the most important factor for our suitcase to appear on the tape is luck, we must not doubt that.