This Startup Discovers Your Work for the Future

If the unstoppable technological development, which leaves obsolete professions and competencies in its path, produces a terrifying vertigo, Singularity is a startup that advises on the work of the future to each person, recommending the specialized training that it requires.

Automation penetrates greedily into the world of work, putting physical, mechanical and repetitive work in the hands of robots. Meanwhile, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning or Big Data add new milestones every day, 3D printing generates absolute wonders in all kinds of industries and advances in transport, health or computing seem to have brought us suddenly into the future. What will happen to our current jobs in a few years or decades?

A startup aims to shed light on this issue, revealing what are the new jobs demanded in the labor market, which is evolving at an exponential rate, as well as the skills needed for them and how to acquire them. We talk about Singularity Experts, the platform that will reveal the work of the future with 100% guaranteed employability.

From their website they say they call Technological Singularity "at the time when artificial intelligence will surpass the human and it is estimated to occur in 2045". Sumodel of artificial intelligence combines the 50 traits required in each of its +3,000 jobs in the future, to choose the most similar to your profile. That is, measure dimensions such as the type of intelligence you have, your computational thinking, interests or values ​​to draw the profile you need.

New jobs require new skills primarily in Soft Skills: problem solving, entrepreneurship or reasoning, as well as new knowledge in Hard Skills: new technologies, new regulations, ethical conflicts ... and new models and formats: remote jobs, no hierarchies with teams multidisciplinary.

The artificial intelligence platform helps all people (schoolchildren, university students and adults) who do not know what to study or what to work on, confused by the speed of technology and the atomization of education. For this, and as we mentioned, the startup has an exclusive mapping of more than 3000 jobs of the future and a profiling disruptor model that profiles through 50 dimensions, and in a personalized way, the unique capabilities of each person, both Techniques as humanists.

The startup is based on an expert knowledge model designed by psychologists and exponential experts developed by artificial intelligence engineers. From the platform they emphasize that the new professionals of the future will have to be Robot-Proof, that is, professionals who perform tasks that the Robots cannot do.