The Reason Why Aircraft Windows Are Rounded

Have you ever noticed that the windows of the planes have a rounded shape? This motive is not arbitrary or exclusively aesthetic, but it obeys its own reasons that we explain below.

The shape of airplanes is usually due to two issues: design and safety. But safety is above the rest and forces the design to conform to it. Hence the structure of the aircraft, the almost non-existence of right angles in its fuselage and the shape of the windows.

As everyone who has ever ridden by plane will know, the windows of the planes are rounded. Although every time they have greater possibilities and now you can even regulate the level of light that they allow to pass, from total clarity to darkness to try to sleep, or at least eliminate the vertigo, we still do not see square windows or with right angles.

The reason for this design starts in the 50s, when they discovered that some planes had crashed because of the windows: they had broken and ended up causing major accidents.

The reason for this design comes from the changes in atmospheric pressure that occur with changes in height. As can cause damage to the ears, the pressure exerted on the plane can cause problems if all the details are not taken into account.

When the windows are square, the pressure builds up in the corners and can cause ruptures at given times; on the other hand, when the shape is oval, the pressure is distributed throughout the glass instead of concentrating on specific points.

So the next time you get on a plane do not think that the windows are rounded to give the appearance of being especially modern or other reasons, but for pure security. The attention to every aspect of the plane is how it has been achieved that traveling is so safe.