The 9 best VPNs to use at home

VPNs or virtual private networks function as channels that encrypt all data sent and received from the Internet, also hiding the IP address and ensuring anonymity in browsing. We propose some alternatives of this type to use at home.

Although VPNs or Virtual Private Networks are increasingly used by companies for the purpose of reinforcing the security policy of their organizations, private users also use them or are encouraged to create their own.

Some want to skip the geographical limits of certain content - browsing through servers from other parts of the planet - others access illegal or illegal activity on the Web and a large part, preserve anonymity when surfing the web.

In this article we have compiled some of the most appropriate VPNs for home browsing, since there are many such services in the market. According to your requirements and objectives, try that private network that suits you.

Next, among the best existing services, we compile a series of personal and free VPNs with their relevant most important features.

VPN to navigate from home

  • Betternet: This VPN claims to be number one in Google PlayStore and AppStore, has 24 million users worldwide, more than one petabyte of daily traffic and has high compatibility with various platforms and browsers.
  • HotspotShield VPN: It is a VPN service that allows you to unlock websites and applications from anywhere maintaining your anonymity and preventing the tracking of your online activities. It offers one of the largest VPN coverages, including 17 countries. It is not necessary to create an account and includes a lock app to put passwords in individual applications for greater security and privacy for mobile.
  • Private Tunnel: This is another of the most famous VPN services to encrypt data transfer, prevent phishing and connect from any place, device or platform, guaranteeing you an anonymous and comfortable connection.
  • CyberGhost VPN: With Cyberghost VPN you can, without spending a single euro or register, mask your IP address and geographic location, send anonymous emails, use high-bandwidth servers for fast downloads, control your privacy by blocking plugins and cookies and protect yourself against DNS leaks. The paid version allows you to access more than 30 countries and 550 servers available worldwide.
  • Private Internet Access: Especially known for its paid version, the free version of this VPN service stands out for its high performance, cross-platform support and unblocking censorship filters.
  • VPN Gate: Born as an academic experiment at Tsukuba University in Japan, today it boasts more than two billion connections in more than 230 countries. If you want to navigate from home protecting your identity with your encryption resources and disguise your IP address, this VPN is highly recommended.
  • Steganos online shield: Especially popular in Germany, Spain and Brazil, this free Virtual Private Network blocks ads, protects your connection from tracking, anonymizes the type of browser and automatically deletes cookies.
  • SecurityKiss-Free VPN Service: This free VPN service allows you to use it without registration, without usernames and without passwords, supports all platforms, has no advertising, activates your account instantly and offers you an extensive list of servers to choose from. Of course, if you do not opt ​​for the paid version you will have a daily traffic limit.
  • OkayFreedom VPN: Newer than most of those mentioned in this list, this VPN service is also ideal for safe and anonymous browsing from your home or from anywhere, from any browser and with the possibility of using its servers spread throughout the world as well as unlock videos. No registration required.