In this restaurant a robot prepares your gourmet hamburger in 5 minutes

Waiting list to enter and enjoy a gourmet burger with high-end ingredients at six dollars. We talk about Creator, a restaurant where chefs are not meat and bone, but robots.

Not only does a successful alliance of robots with humans in the kitchen bode for the future, but now the fruits of the union between Artificial Intelligence and cooking are already beginning to be felt. While on other occasions we talk about Bruno - the skilled automaton of Zume Pizza - or the robotic startup Momentum Machine, capable of making 400 hamburgers per hour, today it is the turn of Creator, a pioneer restaurant located in San Francisco and in the machine is the star chef.

This local Californian, which has received the support of Alphabet, the parent company of Google, already makes hamburgers at full speed thanks to its sophisticated robot. After placing the ingredients and condiments with unusual precision, each hamburger is ready in about five minutes. After opening doors last summer of 2018, he currently has a waiting list of three weeks.

Creator presents a kiosk-style machine that does not require any kind of human intervention. The development of the system has, according to its creator Alex Vardakostas, with 350 sensors, 20 computers and 50 algorithms, to obtain as a result one of the most advanced culinary instruments that exist.

The person in charge defines it as "the freshest hamburger in history". The bread is buttered and toasted at the moment, while all the ingredients are cut fresh. They have two types of cheese or fifteen different sauces, in addition to vegetables such as lettuce, pickles, tomatoes or onions.

The robot is capable of doing different things simultaneously: cutting tomatoes, pickles, grating and melting cheese, grinding and placing the meat on the plate and cooking on demand, combining technological precision with gourmet techniques. The robot also uses Artificial Intelligence to cook each hamburger perfectly, with the monitoring of eleven thermosensors that monitor the temperature of the environment or the cooking surfaces, adjusting it in a personalized way.

Vardakostas: “Solving an engineering challenge like this has been incredibly difficult. It is not just a work of technology or something. We wanted to make the best dining experience.