How To Buy Halloween Contact Lenses Online

Halloween Contact Lenses or crazy contacts, as they are also known as,are known to changing the color of your eyes or enhancing the natural color of your iris. No matter how good you want to look, do not compromise the health of your eyes by buying low quality contact lenses. You have to go through a this process to identify quality lenses:
1. Research
2. Purchase
3. Verify Prescription
Halloween contact lenses have become quite popular in recent years, millions of people shop online for crazy contacts to help transform themselves to look more like ghosts and monsters. There is a great deal of  ghoul, ghost, and creature lenses as well available on the market. That is why now a lot of people ask where to get cheap coloured contacts. It is to remember that cheap coloured contacts doesn't necessarily mean that they are low quality. Some vendors do sell quality contacts for affordable prices, maybe to attract more customer or they offer better discounts then others.
But, cheap or expensive you have to make sure that any online store selling contact lenses are following the law when they sell halloween or coloured contact lenses?
Any online store for contact lenses should satisfy their customers that their products are approved and certified by the authority.
Here we will discuss as to how you can identify genuine online and local stores who sell Halloween contact lenses
ALL Contact Lenses Require A Prescription!
By law contact lenses are considered medical devices, hence they require a prescription before you purchase them. In order to purchase any type of contact lense, whether corrective or non corrective, you must get your eyes examined by a doctor for lens fitting. Doctor will provide you with a prescription which you have to show to the seller before you buy lenses.
Any retailer selling without asking for your prescription is basically breaking the law, this also indicates that maybe they are selling illegal or low quality products. Refrain from buying from them and report them to higher authorities. It doesn't matter where you are buying from online or local store, every dealer should ask for prescription.
Truth In Advertising
You might see certain retailers selling under the slogan "Approved Lenses" or "no prescription needed", this type of advertising is prohibited by law, and likely means that the seller is not following the legal rules of selling lenses. Remember that all lenses are prescription lenses and every retailer must ask fora prescription!
Any seller forcing you to sign any waiver to relieve him of any liability must be reported to the authorities. Never sign any waiver as they are probably selling illegal items!
The Verification Process 
Any good online or local store will verify the prescription from your doctor. You will be asked to send them the prescription via email where the online store will contact the doctor in order to verify that they have provided the prescription and it is OK to sell them these certain lenses.
Every store has their own due process to verify your prescription. Sometimes the doctor may not respond, in this case some retailer may sell you on the basis of a prescription or some may ask you to wait or get a prescription from another doctor who will verify it.
Every store must have a verification process
Risks Of Buying Halloween Contact Lenses From Shady Dealers
There are a lot of shady dealers in the market selling illegal or low quality products, buying from them is equal to putting the health of your eyes on risk.You may purchase unapproved products. There are a lot of lenses which are expired and still being sold by these sort of dealers, some lenses are damaged or not properly packed everything which puts your health in danger.
There are a lot of injuries associated with buying such lenses, you can Google them if you want to. Always take the safest route, your health should not be meddled with
Established And Trusted Vendors
Make sure to buy contact lenses from established and long standing stores and companies. These established stores are not the benchmark in terms of providing safe contact lenses, but they are the safest bet.
Still you must make sure the store is trustworthy and is selling legal contact lenses approved by higher authorities.
Price Of Halloween Contact Lenses
Where to get cheap coloured contacts is a rather popular question by buyers and many shady retailers use this to sell their low quality products to customers. Remember cheap contact lenses mean comparatively cheaper than other stores. Anyone selling lenses at prices which seems too good to be true then stay away from them, there has to be a catch.
Prices differ depending on the types of lenses. Daily wear, disposable lenses, extended wear lenses, coloured and regular lenses all have different prices. Prices also depends on the life of the lens. So be careful when you are buying, conduct a thorough research before you purchase.
Don’t Be The Fool
Always do your homework before buying anything. Don't be fooled by too low prices or shady advertising slogans. If you think that the retailer or dealer is not trustworthy or selling illegal products, report them immediately.