How Do You Write A Good Essay

Search For A Subject

For many people, searching for a topic is the most difficult part of writing a piece. What is a good subject and where can you find something like that? The golden rule that can guide this is "shoemaker keep reading." Only write about topics that interest you or about which you already know a lot.

This way you keep writing fun and that you know how to produce a good piece. In addition: The more you know about a topic, the more you can learn or inform another! To know more information about how to write a essay, Custom Writing Service will explain you.

Where Can You Find A Topic?

Many people who start writing have an idea in mind. It is best to write down such an idea and then let it rest for a day, because you will find that you are starting to think step by step about what you want to write about that subject.

If you have no idea what you want to write about, you can always walk into a library, ask your friends around or simply go for a walk so that you can get ideas in peace. Never go to work with a subject that does not interest you. That is annoying to write, you will most likely rush off and it is unpleasant for the reader to read

You Have A Subject. And Now?

Everyone writes in his or her own way. If you do not yet have your own preferences, a number of approaches are described below.

Approach 1 - The Writing Plan

Creating a writing scheme is especially useful when you have to write a larger article or essay. Write in your writing scheme the purpose of the text, the subject and the audience for which you write. If you have these three things clearly in mind, then you have already done half of the work.
Then you put the sub-topics under each other; you indicate for yourself per paragraph (or paragraph if you want) what you are going to treat. This is, again, especially useful for larger pieces because there is the danger that you will 'tell' stories, write large pieces that are not relevant. If you have completed all these steps, you can get started.

Approach 2 - The Leading Introduction

A common method of writing a good piece is "the leading introduction." You search for a topic and then you start the introduction. A good introduction always contains a justification, a justification, the layout of your piece and a well-defined question or topic.

On the basis of this introduction you write the rest of the subject. You actually use the method of approach 1, but with this approach you no longer make a separate writing plan. This also applies to more advanced writers.

Approach 3 - Write Around The Core

This is a method that only works for seasoned writers. If you are just starting to write, this is definitely not a suitable method!

Experienced writers who already know what they want to write about, but do not yet have a fixed description of their subject (suppose a writer wants to write about the position of the nobility in Poland around 1700) often start writing in the part that we are at the heart of call the essay, the middle part.

From that middle piece they work towards a conclusion, to eventually extract the essay from the piece itself. Because this method works from the middle to the end, and takes the beginning as last, there is a good chance that the article will become a endless description without purpose.
What Does An Article Or Essay Consist Of?

A good piece always consists of three parts: Introduction, middle piece and lock. Below all three will receive some explanation.


An introduction is the most important part of the piece. In the introduction you lose a reader, or you hold him. It is therefore useful to start your piece with an anecdote, a quote or a reference. Always ensure that your question or topic is clearly stated in the introduction. Always indicate why this topic is so interesting, convince the reader of the importance of the piece.

Center Piece

The middle section is always divided into certain sub-topics. This piece consists of a number of sub-topics that explain to you, the reader, how to write a good piece. Always ensure a logical order for your sub-topics; that keeps the piece readable and makes it a lot easier for the reader to understand than if you let the sub-topics pass in random order.

Keep an eye on your layout while writing; ask yourself whether you organize your piece chronologically (in order of time) or thematically (according to different themes, subjects).

Key Lock

In the end of the article you can look back on what you have said. Always have the question come back so that the reader is reminded what exactly the problem was. With a contemplative article, the conclusion takes the form of a summary, with an investigation or an argument we often see a conclusion.

Some Remarks

The most important thing about writing is that you enjoy it yourself. Fun is the basis of motivation and the reader notices it when you write motivated. What is also very important about an article is the spelling.

Avoid unnecessary mistakes and read your own documents critically. It is even better to have a friend correct your piece; Experience teaches us that the writer is inclined to look beyond his own mistakes.