History of Geometry Dash Game

Many of you who might not know that, The game Geometry Dash is an Indie Game that is developed by Robert Topala or owner of this game. It is available on many platform such Steam, IOS and Android. Robert is also known as Robert Nicholas Christian Topala who has developed many games, but the most famous game that he has ever made is Geometry Dash.

Geometry Dash is a Game which was first found on mobile and computer devices, that consists of multiple levels, icons, and game modes. There are many game modes including Ship, Ball,The Cube, UFO, and many more and the best feature that the user can interact with. You can play Geometry dash on your mobile phone simply download Geometry Dash APK and install it.

Robert Topala is a Swedish game engineer that began with a game called "Skip Ball Thingy". He depicted it as "A fun side undertaking that may even get me a touch of burning through cash". It was this experience joined with motivation from different games that let to him delivering Geometry Dash over a 4-Month time span.

Geometry Dash Update:

Everything began with 1.0, which turned out in August of 2013. There were Main Levels that the player could complete, and there were seven of them. Stereo Madness, Back On Track, Poltergeist, Dry Out, Base after Base, Can't Let Go, and Jumper. These were all principle levels that kept going ~1:30 minutes each. They gradually presented new highlights, and expanded in trouble each level. In those days, the network and game was generally little.

The following update, update 1.1, was the main update. It turned out In the September of 2013. It presented 1 new level, which was the Eighth level titled Time Machine. It likewise enabled the clients to remark on other client's levels, and presented another gamemode, Mirror Mode.
Throughout the following couple of months, there were loads of new refreshed. Robert was more spurred than any other time in recent memory to create more highlights for the game.