Google Assistant skills

If you’re thinking Google Assistant is restricted to making calls or setting your timer then you’re in for a huge surprise because this handy tool can become useful in seconds. Ranging from fast, necessary functions to those that can make your life easier. Google Assistant has it all.

We’re also going to discuss how to turn off Google Assistant for those of you who’re wishing to disable it for good so don’t bother going anywhere and stick to this article till the end.

First, let’s discuss what Google Assistant is. It’s a product of Google, duh and it’s famous for voice commands and stuff. Pretty cool, right?

Not cool for those who feel bothered by it. To be honest, when the Assistant pings up at the wrong time, I feel irritated too so let’s get to the part where we turn it off before jumping to anything else.

1.    Go to your google, then Menu.
2.    Now switch to Settings.
3.    Under Settings of Google Assistant, disable the Assistant option and you’re good.

Now that we’ve discussed that, let’s get to the real stuff.
Did you know? 

You can let Google unlock your phone. Caught in a messy situation and can’t get your phone dirty? Not to worry, just enable “Trusted voice” in settings and then go into your Google Assistant settings and select OK Google Detection followed by Trusted Voice.

Not only your phone, but you can also open apps with your voice. Just say “OK Google, open Facebook” and there you go. Also, use this command to open other apps and enjoy!
Some callers can pester you all day long and there’s a way to get rid of them with Google. The latest Pixels include a call screen feature. Here you can let the Assistant answer the phone call on your behalf and an onscreen view of the call will appear, so you can decide whether to take the call or not.

If you’re sure that it’s unwanted, just mark it as spam and there you go. 

Google says that it will have this feature very soon to earlier Pixels through a software update.

Searching for that perfect Google picture? Just ask Google to do an image search for you and do your work without getting dragged across the search results.

Your friend’s new in town and you’re wishing to take them out for dinner? Let Google take care of it! Simply, tell Google to show you some nearby restaurants and it will let you access a list of potential restaurants that will make your day amazing! Once you’re sure, just tap on the listing and receive the address, directions, and the appropriate link if you wish to call the restaurant.

Planning to go on a vacation this summer? But where to go? Let Google be the judge of that. Just to be specific, ask Google “What are good vacation places to go to in summer?” Seasonal results will help you decide where to go this time.

We’re all loving Netflix, right? Binge-watching TV shows and movies became easier. All you have to do is say “Play XYZ on Netflix.” Now sit back, relax and enjoy your day.
Don’t bother thinking that Google is only meant to have fun and enjoy. You can test your knowledge by taking helpful quizzes. Simply say “Talk to ABC quiz” and the Assistant will be enough to do the rest for you.

These functions seem exciting, right? So, what’s pulling you from trying them out? Go ahead, try and let us know how you feel!