Create a basic 3D home in just 12 hours

Thanks to an industrial 3D printer, engineers have managed to print a house in 12 hours, which is a great record for such a structure.

If you are looking for the house of your dreams, that is cheap, and that can be built in just 12 hours, you can always go to the United States and hire a company that is dedicated to make these types of structures with an industrial 3D printer.

Although we have already seen many structures created under a 3D printer such as an electric motorcycle or a bridge, now the S-Squared 3D Printers (SQ3D) team has managed to print a basic house prototype in 3D in approximately 12 hours. This unnamed 46 m² structure has been built using the same method as other 3D printed projects, and was made near the company's own premises on Long Island, New York.

The printer nozzle has played a fundamental role, because it has been able to expel a mixture of layered cement to gradually create the structure. It should be clarified that certain parts of the house, such as the roof or the windows, have required human work to be able to finish them, so that the 3D printer has basically been the basis and basic structures.

When the base and the structures were already built, and then the windows and the roof, it was time to install the pipes, electricity and any other indispensable mechanism to be able to live there.

Despite all the effort, the structure was demolished some time later, but they have been able to demonstrate that they can create a basic home in just a few hours.