Best Voice changer for Android

Guys, as we all know that how much important an Android device being in our daily life. There are several things that we can do with the help of our Android device and there is no doubt about that android device playing a major role in our life.  There are various android apps available on the internet that helps us to get entertained. If you are using an android phone then you also must have any kind of android app which you use in your free time.

Android has brought many things for its user's such brilliants apps and in this line-up, there is one kind of android app people used to have in their Android phone is “Voice changer app”. Maybe you won’t believe this but every 7 out of 10 android phone users having a voice changer app in their device. Yes, people use to store this kind of app to play some prank on others or on their friends. And the main idea of this article is also related to Voice changer app. According to our survey, we have found that most users looking for installing the best kind of voice changer app. So, that’s why we have decided to write an article about this in which we will have the list of best voice changer app for android.

So, guys, if you were one of the users of any voice changer app but now you want to try something new and amazing when you are at the correct place. Or you may be the one who is looking for download the best voice changer for the first time, if you stand any of the above cases then you are at correct place because below in this article we are going to compile a list of best voice changer app for android phone.

RoboVox Voice Changer

It is in number one in our list because guys if you are looking for the amazing kind of voice changer app then you must go for RoboVox Voice Changer app. You can easily change or convert your voice with this app. It also allows its users to record the voice and then you can convert it into different voice such as scary sound, badman and funny.

RoboVox Voice Changer is in collaboration with vocoder technology which is known for the innovation of different types of sound effects. This app offers up to 32 different voice effects and you can choose any one among them as per your requirement. So, it’s time to record your voice even via headphones into your phone and then add some effect with this voice changer. Now save your recorded voice and share it with your family and friends.

ClownFish Voice Changer

Clownfish Voice Changer is one of the most using free voice changer applications which can give awesome effects in your voice a few clicks. If you are a PC user and use Skype or Viber for daily purpose then this would be the best voice changer app for you. And not just only in skype or viber you can also use this application while playing a gaming stream or in discord or any other voice chat program.

Clownfish for android is available for both types of package systems such as 32bit and 64bit. After a successful installation, when you run this app,you will find the very easy to use interface of Clownfish Voice Changer. As the main part of this app is changing voice in different effect such as Mutation, Fast Mutation, Slow Mutation, Male pitch, Female sound, Helium sound, Baby sound, Radio, Robot) and a slider for a custom pitch.

Voice Changer by Androbaby

Most of the user want a separate platform for changing voice and Voice Changer by Androbaby is the best option for them. It is one of the most using an awesome voice changing app which includes all the features you are looking for. As we all know that old is gold and this app is one of the old application which is famous for its stability and features. This is one of the most using apps for pranking people by changing the voice.

This voice changer application has partners with fmod sound system by which the function of this app works when you use sound effects and filter. This app allows its users to choose the sound effects 12 different effects to modify the audio.

Voice Changer Voice Effects FX

This app allows its users to convert their voice with the effects of different sound effects such as Chipmunk, Autotune, Robot, Female, Male, Kid, Strong, Double, Mask, Drunk, Slow, Fast, Sheep, Monster, Alien, Cave, Space and more. This app allows you to change your voice live via recording it through headphones and this app easily convert it into your favorite sound effect. You don’t have to pay anything for downloading this app because it is available as free of cost but the only disadvantage you will face that it comes with ads. It is available for the devices with running Android 4.0 and above, much like most apps in this list. Don’t worry about the latest features because recently it is getting updated with new features.


Like other well-known voice changer applications, VoiceFX is likewise intended to offer you the absolute most mainstream audio effects, for example, chipmunks, robot, beast, intoxicated, and more to secure the experience. This app has very easy to use interface to all the users, with a solitary screen which houses both the chronicle and impacts. You can either record your voice or transfer voice with adding voice effects as well.

So, guys, here we have mentioned 5 best voice changer app for android phone that you can install in your device. You can choose any one of the above to enjoy the best sound effects in your voice. Hope you liked this article and in case you have any query related to this article then you can contact us through the comment section given below.