All You Need To Know About Microsoft Dynamics NAV Upgrade

There is always the dilemma, among the customers, whether they should upgrade their Microsoft Dynamics Navision program or not. There are definitely many aspects to consider, before finalizing on the decision. Here we are going to put forward points that will help you take the right decision on the basis of your own understanding.

Why should one upgrade their Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

Upgrading or updating any digital programming helps to boost the processes conducted by the same. There are much more functionalities and facilities in the upgraded versions. At the same time, it is important to keep pace with the changing technologies, which is impossible without updating your program to its latest version. It also provides the user with new platforms, bug, and other fixes, advanced technical aspects of the software, etc. the following are the new aspects to Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade:
  1. Better deployment options.
  2. Business intelligence and efficient reporting.
  3. Office 365 integration.
  4. Banking integration.
  5. Secure web services phone calls.

What are the difficulties associated with NAV upgrade?

It is undeniable that Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade can be a complicated process. There are predominant problems such as expenses and interrupted operations that lead to the reluctance of the customers regarding this important process. However, there are also some assumed complications that are not totally true when it comes to Microsoft Dynamics NAV Australia.

In the next segment, we are going to discuss some of the common conceptions or misconceptions regarding Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade:
  1. The version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Australia, in use, is too old to be upgraded: while some versions are really worn out, they can still be upgraded with the right knowledge.
  2. Any NAV developer can be trusted with NAV upgrade: it is the very point where people make a mistake. It is very important to select the right developer.
  3. Large Databases on Microsoft Dynamics Navision is impossible to upgrade with accurate restoration: it definitely is difficult but not in many ways impossible.

What to look for in a Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner?

  1. Experience: it is very important that you check on the background of your implementation partner. The more experience they have the more they are likely to solve your problem. They can make sure that you lose no data during the Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade.
  2. Reputation: the reputation of the NAV developer or the implementation partner tells a lot about the efficiency of the service provider. You can get to know more about the service provider and their efficiency with Microsoft Dynamics Navision from their prior client than anyone else.
  3. Support plan: different service providers have different support plans. While some of the features are the same, there are certain extra facilities provided by selective partners and developers which make things more comfortable for the clients.


There is much misconception regarding the possibility of Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrades. The truth and myth are discussed here along with the criteria of choosing implementation partners.