5 tricks to cool the temperature inside your car

Do you handle driving in summer? In this article we collect five essential tips to cool the temperature inside the car.

Summer squeezes as if there were no tomorrow and the heat seems to have no end, so in this situation all help is little. We bring you 5 tips to lower the temperature inside the car, because everything that is to reduce the environment a couple of degrees is welcome.

That does not enter the sun

It is essential to protect the cabin from the sun, something for which the most basic thing is to try to park in the shade. As it is not always possible, there are some measures that help this task. The tinted windows help less rays of light seep into the interior and classics such as parasols greatly prevent the entry of heat, especially protecting the dashboard and the steering wheel, which can reach really high temperatures.

Open windows

Once you get in the car, no matter how much it is parked in the shade or that you have put means to prevent the sun from entering, the atmosphere will be more than warm. First of all, open all the windows and start walking, which will cause the warm air stored inside to go out and be replaced by the outside ... it won't be too cold, but it will have a few degrees less.

In addition, with this measure you will generate a certain wind that will help reduce the thermal sensation.

The slam of the door slam

Another way of quickly exiting the hot air accumulated inside is to create an opening in the passenger compartment, either a full door or the window opening, and, from the opposite side, give two or three slamming doors consecutively , which will blow out all the heat from the opposite end.

Let the air circulate

Activating the air conditioning as soon as the car is started is nonsense. First you should activate the outdoor air intake function and then the recirculation function. When the heat has dropped somewhat, you can activate the air that, taking advantage of the fact that the car has been running a little, can work without much effort and more effectively.

Let the air conditioning be done

With all of the above in mind, it's time to activate the button that will make you happy, even if it's not worth it anyway. Opting for the lowest possible temperature and with the maximum power fans is the initial impulse of the whole world, but it implies a demand for energy that considerably increases consumption.

You can do it briefly to give a first blow of cold to the cabin, but the ideal is then to place the temperature around 22 degrees and in automatic mode, so that it is the car itself that is responsible for regulating the operation of the system .