5 Tips to Save Fuel on Long Trips

We review some of the most important recommendations that you should keep in mind when making a car trip if you want to spend less. We tell you how to save fuel on long trips.

The summer still has a few weeks left so we can still take advantage of the last blows of the summer period. In your getaways, you're sure you want to check your fuel costs, and everything you save on trips can be spent on your stay. If you follow these five tips to save fuel on long trips you will probably get extra money, some recommendations that are worth attending to.

Plan your trip

It seems logical, but we don't always do it. If you are going to make a long trip it is important that you plan your trip, take a look at the route and avoid unnecessary turns. Otherwise you can spoil efficient driving time.

Check your tire pressure

Another of the basic rules when traveling, check the tire pressure. If your tire travels with a pressure below the recommended one, you can reduce the performance of the vehicle by increasing fuel consumption. In addition, and being the most important, it is a safety advice.

Keep a constant speed

Maintaining a constant speed also helps reduce fuel consumption. If you drive giving "accelerations", "braking" and change your gear too much without it being necessary, you will be worsening the average consumption figure.

Use the air conditioner effectively

If you always have the air conditioner on, wherever you are, you will not be efficient with fuel consumption. Under certain circumstances, the air conditioner reduces the fuel efficiency by more than 10%. If you can do without it in some moments do it.

Use the engine brake

When it stops accelerating the fuel consumption, it descends by stopping the fuel supply. Anticipate driving, release the accelerator and use the braking engine brake. It is a good way to contribute to efficient fuel consumption.