5 Exercises to Get Fit in half an hour (and without leaving home)

If you want to get in shape, end sedentary lifestyle and improve your physical performance, we propose a simple exercise routine that you can do without leaving home and investing only half an hour of your time each day.

Society is increasingly aware of healthy lifestyle habits and the importance of a balanced diet, optimal sleep hygiene or regular physical exercise. Thus, statistics reveal that 53.5% of Spaniards have practiced sports in the last year, which implies an increase of 9.2% compared to the previous survey, according to the figures of the Higher Council of Sports Habits.

We verify in this way that although half of the inhabitants of our country still do not do any kind of exercise, more and more Spaniards are adding to the upward trend in the practice of sport and bet on running, yoga, paddle or pilates. If you are still not among them or want to know a splendid exercise routine to which you spend a few minutes every day from home, read on. It doesn't matter if you have a lack of time or little money: they are simple, free, do not involve extra material expenses and only require half an hour a day.

5 exercises you can do in half an hour from home

Krissia nutrition experts, in addition to proposing light and healthy recipes for your body, have also prepared this simple exercise routine in which you should invest only half an hour and without leaving home. As soon as you start putting it into practice you will perceive remarkable physical progress and a great improvement in your physical and mental health, since sport is an extremely effective weapon against stress, anxiety, insomnia or depression.
  1. Squats: This is one of the most effective exercises to strengthen the legs and harden the buttocks. To perform squats correctly, you have to open your legs at shoulder width, place your feet with the toes forward, keep your back straight and flex your legs.
  2. Iron: The plates are a fantastic isometric exercise to strengthen and work your abdomen. The technique is as follows: you will have to face down and lift the weight of the body supported by the forearms, with the legs stretched and slightly apart. Your goal as the days go by should be to prolong the posture for a longer time.
  3. Strides: Also called lunges, they allow you to work both legs differently, compensating for possible imbalances of strength and muscle mass. To make strides correctly you must start from a position of feet together and take a step forward bending both legs until the back knee almost touches the ground and both knees are bent at 90 degrees. It is important to change legs with each repetition.
  4. Dippings or funds: The upper train benefits from this activity that consists of placing yourself before a chair or step, with your back to it. Supporting the palms of the hands on the edge, you should distance the feet with the knees bent and, flexing the elbows back of the body, lower and raise the weight of the body.
  5. Bicep curl: A classic, whose correct posture is to stand up with your knees slightly bent, taking in each hand a dumbbell or, failing that, a packet of legumes or bottles filled with rice as economic alternatives. Keep your elbows bent as the wrists approach the shoulders and then slowly lower.