Tips to ensure successful first attempt at making a Wikipedia page!

Wikipedia has grown into one of the largest international websites and despite the fact that it is not a marketing platform; it has become an attraction for the marketers and businesses. Businesses want to be a part of this platform because it benefits them in a number of ways. A page on Wikipedia with a business name can take things to another level for a business. It can make the business become recognized in the international market and have heavier website traffic without constant investments in marketing. 

The benefits that can be enjoyed with a Wikipedia page can be overriding because it provides a business with almost all of its major marketing goals without needing substantial marketing budgets. It brings the best SEO rankings, sets up a 24/7 marketing outlet for brand awareness, gets the business to the international market’s edges, and directly influences the sales as well. 

With all of these benefits, every business wants to go for one-time investment on a Wikipedia page and seek professional help from consultancies that offer Wikipedia experts for hire. However, there are businesses that cannot afford even that one-time investment. A good solution to avoid investments without losing the chance to acquire the benefits is to go for the option of creating Wikipedia page on your own. 

Creating a Wikipedia page is not an impossible task and so, anyone can try doing it before they opt for investing in professional help. This article is a guide for those who want to publish a Wikipedia page without any hassle in one go. Read to explore the dos and don’ts of creating a Wikipedia page with a guide for Wikipedia page creation.

1.    Start with Making an Account
The first thing that is to be done when one has to make a Wikipedia page is to have a Wikipedia account. Wikipedia allows everyone to make an account and so anyone can go to the site and become a member of Wikipedia community by having an active account. 

However, there are a few things that are needed to be taken care of while one is creating a Wikipedia account. One must make sure that all the credentials that they have provided to the site should be correct or else, they can get deleted by the site and even their IP address can get blocked if the site finds any information that does not add up.

2.    Research for content
The next step to go through a process of researching for the content of the Wikipedia page that you want to create. The site is highly credible and has a number of limitations regarding writing and information collection and that is why an extensive research is needed for having a successful Wikipedia page

3.    Write the Content
On this step, one has to find a relevant page on Wikipedia to have a look at the structure of the content along with the language and tone, and follow it while creating the content. The information should be put in the right order and everything should align with the rules of Wikipedia. There should not be biasedness or promotional notion in the tone.

4.    Edit and proofread
Once the content is all set and complete, the process of proofreading and editing begins. The writers need to keenly reread each and every word of the document and ensure that it is well-written and has no grammatical or factual errors of any type.

5.    Submission
The last step is to submit the content to the editors of the site and wait for at least a week. If you do not get any sort of feedback for more than 2 weeks, you should try to get in touch with an editor and ask what happened to your submission. In case you fail despite doing everything perfectly, do not despair and start all over again.