Smart Cars, the cars of the future

In 1885 the first car was invented, and since that time the automotive industry has been growing and developing increasingly large technological advances, with the passing of time they have been added and implemented improvements in order to minimize errors and improve the driving experience of these vehicles.

In the last 5 years, technologies such as remote control, 4G internet access, hydrogen fuel, remote ignition from a mobile phone have been implemented and finally this year 2017 seeks to consolidate the use of SmartCars in the world.

Smart Cars are cars without a rudder, gear lever and pedals, controlled by a computer and a system of cameras and sensors. They work based on a battery and has a Stop / Go power button. They are driven entirely by a computer on board. Its sensors are 360 ​​degrees and have a wide range of view to avoid blind spots. They can transport up to 2 people and reach a maximum speed of 40 kilometers per hour.

These vehicles would have a great impact on society as they would achieve a dramatic change in pollution, which would positively affect climate change.

They could also help reduce traffic accidents by 90%, preventing 30 thousand deaths and 2 million injuries per year, since they eliminate the risk of accidents caused by driver error, this because the computers that drive Smart Cars It has a much shorter reaction time than that of a human, apart from not being disturbed by external factors that distract people.

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For example, many people say they are distracted by talking with other passengers, others adjusting their car radio, some eating or drinking something, there are also those who answer or make calls while driving, or dare to use their cell phone while they are behind the wheel and Last parents who interact with their children who are sitting in the back seat.

Another benefit of Smart Cars is to eliminate external factors that affect people when driving such as fatigue or drunk driving. They would also serve to help transport and mobility of people with vision problems. And one of the important points is that it would eliminate parking problems, since the car can leave you, leave, and return to pick you up at the time you indicate.

Currently, work is being done to ensure that by 2020 these cars are created massively and are for sale to the public. And is that the technology to create a Smart car exceeds 250 thousand dollars.