Is Pizza A Healthy Meal?

You probably like pizza, but are you sure it's a healthy dish? Do all pizzas include processed and fattening or do some have fresh and natural ingredients beneficial to your body? We get you out of doubt.

Pizza is one of the most famous dishes in the world, so much so that even a group of scientists recently delved into the equation to achieve its perfect composition. Even if you don't think about it when you review certain healthy foods in your mind, a pizza made with nuts flour, spinach, feta cheese and onions is not the same as a fat dough with sausages, pepperoni and extra cheese.

In fact, pizza can be perfectly a healthy food option, serving to complete nutritional goals and even being able to fit into a diet to lose weight. It is important to emphasize that pizza offers a dose of all macronutrients: the crust contains carbohydrates, while cheese provides fat and protein.
The problems arise from two things: too much quantity and the ingredients included in the pizza, as well as its quality, especially excess sodium, red and processed meat or sauces, such as barbecue.

Even if you are controlling your weight or trying to lose weight, you can eat pizza occasionally. It is important to choose a thin dough to reduce calories from excess carbohydrates, as well as not to miss the number of servings. You can also serve the pizza with a salad or some non-starchy vegetables such as asparagus, green beans, zucchini or spinach to balance the pizza's carbohydrates.

Using less of a cheese with all the fat will keep you full for longer - and will give you protein. Pizzas that include vegetables such as pepper, onion and even mushrooms are recommended. As for the crust or dough of wheat flour you can use other versions. And don't forget to properly reheat leftovers!