In what countries of the world are more cryptocurrencies used today?

In our country, one in ten people admit to having used or possessed cryptocurrencies this year, according to a recent survey conducted by Statista. We tell you which are the countries in which the digital currencies have higher incidence.

Although the crypto currencies have not returned to their golden age of several months ago, have returned to be in the mouth of public opinion after the appearance of Libra, the virtual currency launched by Facebook. On other occasions we have reviewed what is the position of the central banks on the Bitcoin, we have given you the keys to create your own purse or we have collected the prospect that it was a dangerous bubble. Today we delve into the places in the world where cryptocurrencies are most common.

In order to find out in which countries a greater number of people use cryptocurrencies, the Statista Global Consumer Survey, conducted to Internet users in a group of countries between January and May of 2019, must be directed. This Statist graph shows the result of some of the they, among which are five Latin Americans, although the main country in which virtual currencies are used is Turkey, where 20% of the respondents have answered that they have them or use them.

The Turkish nation is followed by Brazil and Colombia, where 18% of Internet users use or own cryptocurrencies. Completing the first positions we came across Argentina, with 16% of the respondents, Mexico with 12% and in Chile with 11%. Among European countries, Spain is the main one in which digital currencies is used, with 10% of respondents acknowledging their use. They are followed by Russia, Denmark, Australia, the United Kingdom or the United States.