How to wear bell jeans: Fashion that comes back

This time TechnosClub gives you some tips for you to learn how to wear the bell jeans, a flagship fashion of the '70s and that is in full return for the 2016-2019 season . Do you already have yours? Are you willing to take them? Continue reading.

History of flared jeans

Although they became fashionable between the 60s and 70s, this model of jeans has been around for many years, specifically since 1813. At the time the American sailors used them for practical reasons, because, thanks to the slack of the ring , the boots could be removed more easily and, most interestingly, they could become an air-filled float, using the pants legs.

Between the decades of the 60s and 70s, they made themselves known because they were widely used by hippies, it didn't take long for the world to start adopting them, especially because they were a comfort option for men and women. For the time, the men wore them with jackets and the women with tight blouses with the change of high waist.

It was a very popular fashion among young people, in addition, the fabrics were diversified to use them. Denim was always the king, accompanied by fabrics and embroidery to spread any message. Among the celebrities who made this piece fashionable, are: Jimmi Hendrix, Sonny, Cher, some television shows like Brady Bunch, part of its members wore them in style.

Types of flared pants

  • Bell width: they are the ones that open from the beginning of the knees, they became famous since the 70's. It is best to combine them with a wide garment such as wide sleeve shirts or a hanging necklace.
  • Tight bell pants: they became famous in the mid-90s, usually worn by men and women. It is inspired by oriental fashions and is usually combined with tight bra-for women-shirts or butterfly-for men.

How to wear bell jeans

There are still traces of the use and preference for Slim jeans or skinny jeans, but already in several catwalks, such as the New YorkFashion Week, several designers have bet on different styles of bells, from the classics that go from the knees, to the more discreet, which open from under the calves.

It is that shy vestiges had already been seen that after the '80s and the' 90s fashion - which has returned - the next step was to reissue the pieces that were taken in the '70s. In fact, the girls are already wearing that boho-chic style that is usually comfortable and sophisticated for day to day.

If you really like flared jeans, think well about the style that best suits you and your body, you should surely buy specific pieces, before purchasing several jeans.

  • For people of short stature, they are not doing at all because this model will make them look a little shorter than they already are, so if they want to wear them, it is best to wear high heels or boots with heels. You can also bet on pants with low bell, not too exaggerated, and in the case that is high waist, better yet, because that way you will achieve what everyone wants, stylize their figure.
  • They usually go very well with various clothes, for example, if you want to take them to the office, with a white blouse and for a less formal look, a cotton shirt, it is great, also a box or a sweater.
  • There are also the fabric flared models, the best are basic and solid colors such as black, navy blue or camel, which you can wear for the office or a semi informal exit. Lace shirts are the ideal companions for these pieces.
  • But if you are interested in building a party look, you can choose a light velvet flare that you will combine with a lace top. Another option is to project the spring style, there are models with high waist and large buttons on the front (marine style) that you can wear with a black and white or red and white striped shirt, the best one that suits you, depending on your style.
  • There are some fashion firms that have varied proposals in various colors such as pastel tones. Another way to wear the bell jeans are the light blue pants that you can wear with a pink crop top for a pastel block color look.
  • The advantage of this type of cuts is its versatility to combine them with maxichalecos, bohemian-inspired blouses or basic jerseys, in addition to the shirts and blouses we mentioned earlier. Lingerie tops are the most worn this season.
As for the footwear that you can wear with the bell-type jeans, always choose one that is hidden under the hood so that the pants almost rub the ground, but avoid doing so so as not to damage it. The classic strappy sandals can be used for a night event or something more formal - either in black or in any color. The suede ankle boots will help you achieve a more casual look and the glitter ankle boots to let out that rampant girl in love with the colors that are in you.

The advantages of wearing bell-type jeans will be seen by people who have wide legs and those who are more tight models for people with thin legs. The XL or super flared models, are the most suitable to carry people who are very tall, creating a good contrast between the tightness of the top and the width of the bottom.

The bell-type pants are back with everything. Be the first person to acquire them, but first, share this information on your social networks.