How to pack your suitcase to save space and not lose weight

Do you know how to pack your suitcase to save space and not lose weight? In this article we tell you all the techniques you need to know to make the most of the free site in your luggage and be able to travel with everything you need for your vacation.

Are you one of those who lose their nerves when it comes to making the suitcase to save space and get not exceed the maximum weight required by major airlines to not invoice? While many users bet to hire external services to transport their luggage to the destination and others disdain the suitcase in favor of the backpack, you can also resort to some tricks to make the suitcase hand effectively and without wasting time or patience trying that all the fixtures fit in your space.

First of all, and before getting down to work with the process involved in packing, it is important that you select the most appropriate format according to the destination, the activities you have planned, the weather and the weather forecast of the place, in addition to Check the conditions required by the airline for the carry-on suitcase if you have chosen to travel by plane.

Before saving space in the suitcase it is very useful to write a list with all the objects you need -from hygiene products to underwear or footwear- to avoid forgetting and being able to check everything before leaving for your adventure. You can also plan sets of clothes and calculate how many refills you need in the case of staining, sweating, getting wet or suffering any type of unforeseen event. And if you're traveling with bulky clothes like boots or coat, wear it on!

The best tips and tricks to save space in the suitcase

Do not miss the chance to take a look at the following techniques to pack your suitcase and save space, as well as to not lose weight in your carry-on luggage:

  • Make use of the inside of your shoes: You can use the inside of your shoes to put the socks you need for the trip, rolling them and wrapping them in a plastic bag.
  • Rolled clothes, much better: A fundamental method is to roll up each garment leaving it in a cylindrical shape and introducing it tightly to make the most of the available space.
  • Reduce the t-shirts to the minimum: This technique, coming from the military style, consists in folding the underside of the shirts outwards and the sleeves inwards. Then, fold both sides inwards and when it has a rectangular shape, roll it like a cylinder and use both flaps to wrap the roll as if it were a block.
  • Cross the sleeves of the shirts and take to introduce a pair of pants under them: This technique is known as the "clown car".
  • Use the archiving technique: If you do not like to roll up your clothes, you can also opt for this method, consisting of pressing the folded clothes vertically from front to back, being able to observe at all times the space that you have left.
  • Divide everything by cubes: To save space in your suitcase and advocate for a better organization, we also recommend organizing the garments by size, type or style in small cubes that you can then fit as a tetris in your luggage.
  • Use vacuum bags to store dirty clothes, more bulky items or clothes that do not care that they wrinkle. You will save up to 80% of volume.
  • Take advantage of the sides for small objects such as cosmetics or accessories: You can use small plastic bags for this, separating the different items by categories.