How to earn by writing and editing Wikipedia page content?

There are numerous writers who earn through different freelance sites and other writing jobs. However, the current market for writing professionals has become overwhelmingly competitive. It is difficult to get projects because too many writers offering their services one every freelance project. And yet, many a time’s clients tend to show distrust in freelance writers because despite a heavy competition in the market, many of the writers are incapable of delivering good work to the clients.

However, those who know how freelance career in writing is built to be successful would know that there is an exclusive solution to resolve this issue. The idea is that writers should select a particular area of writing and stick to it. It will help them become highly experienced in that one area and cater to the clients of that certain writing genre. This way, the clients will not complain because the work will be done by an experienced writer in the field and the writer will attract more work from that particular area of writing

Now, thinking about this scheme to develop a successful writing profession further, one may struggle with the question that which area they should select. Of course they should select what they think they can do the best but what if one can handle almost all sort of writings? The way out from this is to choose a writing area that has good market and less competition. 

One of the writing market’s demands is for the writers who can write content for Wikipedia pages with perfection. Wikipedia writers are demanded very much by the businesses, celebrities, professionals, and organizations who want to maintain their presence on Wikipedia for marketing purposes. Many clients of Wikipedia marketing want to make edits in different Wikipedia pages. 
The market for Wikipedia writers pay well for the projects, as it demands a lot of effort and skill to get published on Wikipedia. So breaking into this profession and becoming a full-time Wikipedia writer has a lot of scope for freelance writers. This article is providing a step by step guide that can help freelance writers become a professional Wikipedia writer.

1.    Have a Wikipedia Account
The first step is to make a Wikipedia account that is active and all the credentials provided to the site while creating this account are credible. This is because Wikipedia instantly blocks any unreliable source. It even blocks the IP with it finds anything that is suspicious. The site is very strict when it comes to maintaining authenticity.

2.    Build a Good Track Record as an Editor
The site of Wikipedia often measures the authenticity or credibility of an edit by checking the history of edits made by an account. If the account has been editing different Wikipedia pages successfully without getting tagged for incorrect information, there is higher chance for it to get more of its edits and pages get published. So anyone who is willing to pursue it professionally should try to maintain a good track record.

3.    Replicate the Writing Style
The writing style that is used on Wikipedia is simplistic and yet, it manages to cover huge pieces of information without becoming complicated. This is important to get a hold of Wikipedia’s official writing style and understand all the rules and regulations of writing that are imposed by Wikipedia. Not following the rules can lead to straight rejections of your writings.

4.    Market your Skill
Once you get your first page published own Wikipedia, post your accomplishment on different platforms and market your skills to gain the attention of your target clients.