Hidden Features of Microsoft Word That Makes Your Effort Worthy

Hidden Features of Microsoft Word: Using Microsoft word is familiar and any work we want on our pater efficiently need the involvement of Microsoft words. Yet let me ask you a question, do you know Pilcrow? And if you do, you know more about Microsoft word than the others do. Do you know about the extended clipboard named window lines?

Like you have seen above there plenty of features associated with Microsoft word which is lesser-known by most of the people and you should also be one among them who knows those features if you truly want to be proficient with Microsoft Word. This article gives you several important Microsoft word features that are slightly hidden but makes your life much easier.

5 Best Hidden Features of Microsoft Word That Makes Your Life Easier

While there is a list of hidden features that MS-Word provides for your better project design in MS-WORD, here you are given Best 5 among them that you come across with frequent use. Not only that if your project includes the PDF word then you can also check out some hacks of PDF like how can you Insert Image into PDF. But for now, here you go with the best Hidden Features of Microsoft Word that you can use in your daily project to make it easier.

1. Convert Table to Graphic in 3 simple steps

Graphics always gives you much of catchy arranged representation of data rather than a table. Ms-word makes it easy convertible for tabular information into the chart. At times when you don’t have much data with you then it is wise to create a chart in word rather over killing in Excel. Hence select the data and Follow the below 3 simple steps to convert the data into a chart.
  1. Click on INSERT tab on the Ribbon present on the left-hand side.
  2. Click on OBJECT tool present in the TEXT group in the top right-hand side.
  3. Choose on the MICROSOFT GRAPH CHART in the next step and click ok.

You can see the result immediately. Word displays the tabular data as a neat and clean column chart. You can further change the format of this graph. And for that
  1. Double click your chart.
  2. Right-click in the white space which you will find within the bounding box of the graphic.
  3. Click on the Chart Type.

2. Write Equations in Word

Surprised? Do you think only Excel Formulas are amazing? The default feature of Equation Editor in the word has an important feature of Ms-word. This feature has been recently added in the word. The feature is simply known as Equation (easily find from INSERT>SYMBOL OF GROUP>EQUATION)

Insert>Equation>Insert New Equation

With the help of this Equation Toolbar,you can simply design your own advanced equations for mathematics, physics or chemistry. Word gives you well know equation’s feature which you can insert with just a single click.

3. 24 Items in the Clipboard

If you are familiar with Clipboard, you can hold a minimum of 24 items and are inter-operated between all files of offices.

Click on Home Tab, then on the drop-down arrow which I present next to the clipboard to reveal the panel which you can find on the left.

You can go with the pressing shortcut CTRL+C twice to open the Clipboard Panel.
This feature enables you to cut and copy multiple things at a time and move it anywhere within the document or between open office programs.

Choose the clipboard’s option to monitor its functions. You can disable the show status near task bar while copying which further displays the number of items you have copied which you can find in the bottom-right corner of the word window. And it is on by default.

4. Quick Language Translate

If you are unaware about the default translation option present on in word then it is strange. MS-WORD gives you the feature to handle all the translation. You can translate word, sentence or entire word document on the go with the result in the separate word document.
  1. Click on the REVIEW tab and translator tab gets opened in the right.
  2. Choose and change the language.
  3. With the help of sidebar, highlight each word and explore their meaning in full.

5. Font Beautification with Kerning

Kerning feature has the ability to beautify the individual letter for a better visual look by adjusting the spaces between two individual letters. And this is specially designed for large fonts on a word such as eBook cover.

Kerning is switched off by default and normally you don’t need it except the bulky work of let’s suppose of 5-page homework then it saves you effort by increasing the width between the letters of writing fluff.
  1. Click on the pop-out arrow on Font (Home tab)
  2. Then choose the advanced tab in the opened page.
  3. (You can directly choose the shortcut CTRL+D)
  4. Check out the box ‘kerning for fonts’
  5. Experiment by entering the small point of size in the box.

Note: you may not find some font size and typefaces with the kerning option enabled.