5 Things You Should Not Do When Washing the Car

When washing the car there are certain things you should not do.

Washing the car is a ritual that each person fulfills in their own way. In a way, it is a reflection of our personality. There are people obsessed with the theme that washes it every day. Others do it only on important occasions. And some wait for it to rain ... Although going to the car wash is comfortable and fast, we don't always have one nearby, or we want to save money. If you decide to wash the car by hand, these are the things you should not do...

Sometimes we believe that washing our vehicle by hand is a way of taking care of it. But we can be the worst enemy of the body, if we do not do it correctly. Before you start washing the car on your own, you should know that in many municipalities it is forbidden to do it on public roads. Find out before you don't take a fine...

Use soft fiber sponges

The metallic finish of our car can lead to deception. It may seem resistant to us, but if we use a sponge or a hard mitt we can scratch it, or remove the paint.

To wash the car you have to use sponges or mittens made of soft fibers. And if they are car specific, the better. With them we will make sure that the only thing we start is dirt...

Use car-specific soap

Another very common mistake when washing the car is to use generic soap, or even dishwasher or bath soap. Although all soaps look the same, they are not. The chemical composition changes according to what that soap was designed for, either for a person's body, for washing dishes, or for scrubbing floors.

There are abrasive soaps that can damage the protection and even the paint of the car. To avoid a dislike, use a car-specific soap.

Change the water in the bucket

Many people forget to change the water in the bucket while washing the car. It should be renewed two or three times during cleaning. Not only because it will be cleaner, but because the dirty water may contain debris and sand that can scratch the car if it is rubbed against the body with the sponge, making a sanding effect.

Do not use just a towel

After washing the car it is not a good idea to let it dry in the sun. There will be sandals and soap remains that will affect the result.

It is advisable to dry it with a specific car towel, which ensures that we are not going to scratch it with any rest, as could happen with an old and hard cloth.

It is also advisable to use several towels for the same reason: there may be some sand in some area, and using the same towel increases the risk of dragging it over another area of ​​the car.

Apply protective wax

A final recommended step is to apply a layer of protective wax for cars. Its name already says it: not only beautifies and will make your car shine like new, but, most importantly, has it protected it from small blows, and from the inclement weather. Your vehicle will look better than ever, and you will also protect it.