5 Techniques to Make More Effective Promotions

Promotions are important for the business, but they must be strategic and distinguish themselves from the rest of the competition, how to achieve it?

When we need to increase sales, the quality of our products and services, or a good digital marketing strategy, is not enough. To decide to make a purchase, customers also need clear incentives, especially when there are many options in the market.

That's what promotions are about. The problem is that, with the growth of digital commerce, today they have become a common practice, so all the time we are receiving information about offers and discounts. What can we do then to distinguish ourselves from the competition and more effectively attract our customers? Here we share some ideas for you to achieve without compromising business finances.

1. Last minute discounts for a short time

Do not make massive promotions, but unique and personalized. For example, if you sell designer bags and purses, make an email marketing campaign to notify your most recurring buyers that the items in the new collection are going to be sold at a 25% discount, but only for two days. That will give a sense of urgency to the offer, but also of exclusivity.

2. Free trials

It is one of the most effective techniques to publicize a new product or boost sales of one that has not yet had a good response in the market. That is why it is so used in large commercial spaces during weekends, especially in the case of food or cosmetic and personal hygiene items. Do not simply distribute the evidence, but make sure you create an entire experience around your delivery.

3. Gifts

We all love to receive a present, however small. If possible, do not limit this type of promotion to large tickets. And always think of options that complement the initial purchase, so that the customer becomes a loyal consumer of both products. For example, if someone purchased a body moisturizer, notice the smallest presentation of a bath gel with the same aroma. Because in addition, people also love product kits.

4. Discount cards

Don't make it complicated, there are already too many in the market! The first rule is that you do not charge them (many businesses already apply an annual fee), and if possible, do not give an expiration date to the accumulated points. Also, be clear as to what type of products can be redeemed, and work ideally with an application to avoid problems with the loss of physical cards.

5. Unique products

Finally, marketing experts recommend applying promotions to items that are going to be sold only once, or at least at certain times of the year. That gives these types of strategies a sense of urgency that drives the purchase very effectively, and increases the value of the promotion for customers. For example, if you have a gourmet store, you could make a promotion of jams and preserves with seasonal organic fruits, harvested by local farmers.