5 of the Most Curious Coworking Spaces in the World

Do you work in a coworking space or do you plan to do it? We want to review some of the most curious, strange or creative that exist in the world today.

The growth of coworking spaces is a phenomenon associated with this 21st century. A time of cutting-edge technology, gig economy, labor mobility, digital nomads and freelance employment that has led to fixed offices no longer serve for everyone and that coworking become the latest scream for micropymes, freelancers and independent professionals.

While some freelancer workers prefer to work in the privacy of their own homes, and claim to be more focused and more productive in a quiet environment, other remote professionals turn to coworking spaces, with diverse benefits such as design, social interactions, networks and emotional support.

Since the number of coworking spaces around the world is projected to exceed 25,000 by 2022, coworking is increasing and the choice of places available for work becomes more interesting. In this article we want to review some of the most unusual in the world.

1. Village Underground (Lisbon, Portugal)

Village Underground is a unique multidisciplinary space in its class located in Alcântara, a civil parish in Lisbon. The construction of this unique coworking place consists of recycled shipping containers and double-decker buses reimagined as offices, meeting rooms and studios. The view is beautiful and its environment encourages people and creative and artistic companies to gather, hosting business events, workshops and cultural events.

The facilities include offices with air conditioning and fast Internet connection, which can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Freelancers especially like the networking opportunities that Village Underground has to offer, since its community is made up of remote workers, start-ups and start-ups where creativity comes first.

2. Uncommon (London, United Kingdom)

Uncommon is a chain of flexible workplaces with headquarters in Highbury and Islington, Borough, Fulham and Liverpool Street. It is specifically recommended for workers of a creative nature, with the presence of plants everywhere - a tropical jungle appears within an interior space -, showers, bicycle storage, creative laboratories and rooftop spaces. The lighting is impeccable, and the aroma in the air helps guests to relax and concentrate.

3. Hubud (Bali, Indonesia)

According to the Hubud community, this is not just another coworking space, it is the true sky of bamboo as a primordial material. The integrated nature within these coworking offices, the comfort and even the welcome kit and the SIM card with prepaid Internet that all its workers receive make this enclave an excellent place to work. Not for nothing did his three founding digital nomads have nicknamed him "home away from home".

4. The Farm (New York, New York)

This coworking space in New York's Soho is exquisitely designed and furnished with warm and earthy tones, wood and a multitude of plants, all with the purpose of maintaining energy, calm and concentration. Highlights its places for events, which can accommodate from 10 to 160 guests to conferences, cocktails, exhibitions and even weddings.

5. One Roof (Melbourne, Australia)

One Roof is a place and a concept of coworking dedicated to independent women and businesswomen, promoting support, the creation of networks and the exchange of experiences. It is located in Southbank, near the central business district of Melbourne. In addition to working in a quiet and beautiful environment, the place hosts master classes, workshops and conferences.