4 Tips to Make Working Abroad a Success

If you have plans to work abroad, there are some guidelines that can help you make your professional adventure successful and satisfying. We appoint four essential keys.

If you are thinking of working outside of NY and embark on a professional journey abroad, the experts have several tips to help you set this step in your professional career and not feel intimidated by a second language, a different culture or a foreign city. what you previously know, but take the experience to the fullest and integrate it into all facets of your life.

In the magazine The Muse pick up the recommendations of Anna Bertoldini, who grew up in Venice and studied in the United States and Austria before working abroad., In cities such as Budapest. After living in five countries, these are its four keys to adapt to new cultures.

4 keys to work out and adapt to the new culture

  • Investigate thoroughly in advance: When deciding where you want to work, move away and consider the type of experience you would like to have: Is there a region of the world that you have always wanted to explore? What kind of day-to-day lifestyle are you looking for? Is there a particular climate that you prefer? How comfortable are you in a new language?
  • Immerse yourself in their culture: It is important to visit the place you want to move to before, contact locals, soak up the local culture and consume information related to it, from watching documentaries to reading articles or learning basic phrases.
  • Move around the company, not just the place: It is essential to know the corporate culture and that the change supposes a great professional advance. Although it is tempting to move to a beautiful place for location and lifestyle, do not do it at the expense of your career. There is nothing worse than moving to a country for a job you end up hating. It is essential to be proactive in researching the reputation of any company you are considering. Before an interview, prepare a list of questions about the working language, processes and culture of the company. Y
  • Get ready for the cultural shock: Although moving and working abroad is exciting this monumental change can also cause waves of anxiety. Remember that it is natural to experience feelings of doubt, fear or overwhelm, especially during times of transition. "Take the time to learn and remember to forgive yourself, many things are new and integration is a slow process that takes time," adds Bertoldini.