4 strange ways to enhance your creativity that you did not know

We review some of the most unusual and curious ways to stimulate creativity. A simple pencil, your mobile phone, external information or the most absolute silence can be very useful tools.

"Logic will take you from point A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere," said Albert Einstein. When it comes to stimulating creativity there are thousands of methods to exercise it like a muscle, from music to children's games, chess, reading, or varied exercises that can range from extracting ideas from your dreams to drawing scribbles, making mental maps or practice role-playing proper to the theater.

Today we want you to broaden your point of view and make your mind flexible, giving new opportunities to creation and imagination. Therefore, we collect four ways to stimulate your creativity that you probably did not know.

4 ways to be more creative that you probably do not know

  • Meditation: Although you associate meditation to relax, sleep better, calm your thoughts and reduce stress and anxiety, the truth is that it will also bring you lucidity, foresight and more space for creativity and innovation. In fact, a recent study reveals that meditating in just three months increases brain plasticity. You can use applications to meditate with great success among the public such as Calm or Headspace or use exercises like the ones we collect in this article.
  • The power of dreams: The mysterious and weightless matter from which dreams are made can be a great source of creativity. Taking a nap with a pencil in your hand to write down what you have dreamed-a technique that surrealist painters such as Dali followed-can be a great idea. Not in vain researchers like Penny Lewis of Cardiff University have formulated theories that explain why dream and creativity are linked. You can also try to have lucid dreams following recommendations such as having a dream journal, doing reality tests, practicing yoga nidra or using the MILD technique (Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dream).

  • Binaural Sounds: The binaural sounds work as a massage for your brain. As they define in Ecoosfera, they are "specific tones or frequencies, differentiated by small magnitudes in each ear. For example, in one ear the frequency can be 300Hz and in another 310Hz, which causes the brain to produce a three-dimensional, or illusory, sound of 10Hz. " When you listen to them your brain waves are affected, so they can help you with meditation, creativity, focus, sleep and many other things. Use apps like Binaural or Beats Therapy or platforms like Synctuiction.
  • Coloring without thinking: Not only serves as a key to development in children or to prevent cognitive decline in older people, but coloring is a fantastic activity to stimulate imagination, relaxation and concentration. Art therapists such as Cathy Malchiodi believe that coloring books are the way to achieve psychological nirvana, while various studies support activity as a reduction in stress and anxiety. Color also stimulates various emotions on the nervous system - for example, red increases the blood pulse while white relaxes.