4 Applications to Travel Lighter and More Comfortable In the Interrail

If you have the spirit of a backpacker, the soul of globetrotters and the desire to make the Interrail, we tell you what applications you can use to travel with lighter and more comfortable luggage.

The Interrail bonus is a very useful and complete offer that allows Europeans to visit dozens of countries by train or ferry for very little money ... and with little luggage.

In addition to your ticket and your backpack with clothes, sleeping bag and your most precious assets, the following five applications for mobile will allow you to live this adventure to the fullest and travel more comfortably and lightly.

Rail Planner

This application allows you to have all the important information related to your Interrail trip on your smartphone, being able to book all the trains and check all the schedules, routes and links. It is the ideal application to plan the route and make the most of the stays.


PackPoint works as an organizer that will allow you to properly prepare the backpack, depending on the characteristics of the trip (destination, date, duration or reason), a list is created with which it is possible to cross out what has already been included and see clearly what that is still necessary. Ideal to travel alone with what is needed.


This app combines maps of the city or town that you visit with the respective transport options, whether buses, bikes, motorcycles or scooters. It is essential to save time, go directly to the hostel to rest and leave the backpack or start your journey kicking the city or area. It stands out for its simple operation.


If you want to get in touch with a new language or learn a new language, Babbel allows you to learn in a completely personalized way and acquire vocabulary in order to familiarize yourself with the most common expressions of each language and, when you arrive at your destination, do not lose conversations of the locals, having fluent conversations. There are 14 languages ​​to choose from.